Two Lucky Tickets Playing Pennsylvania Lottery Split the $500,000 Prize Money


According to the latest reports, two particular and lucky lottery tickets for the Pennsylvania lottery have successfully won huge prize money. Both tickets were witnessed playing the Cash 5 with Quick Cash game to try their luck just like other tickets.

Over the years, the Cash 5 with Quick Cash has seen millions of players participate in the game to try their luck and see if fortune shines on their luck.

The particular game is responsible for giving rise to many players as millionaires or at least, people that have been given a chance to change their lives with the money they win.

For Pennsylvania lottery, it is one of the largest games backed by the Pennsylvania lottery. The game observes the participation of millions of players and helps the PA lottery generate millions for charitable causes.

The lottery team has revealed that this time, the Cash 5 with Quick Cash game was for the jackpot prize that was for $500,000. Fortunately, instead of one, two lottery tickets managed to win and split the jackpot prize.

Both tickets had participated in the Friday draw that took place on May 28, 2021. The lucky numbers drawn on May 28 to win the jackpot prize were 43-41-30-13-11. Two tickets matched all five lucky numbers winning the $500,000 and then splitting it.

As a result, each ticket is split and takes home $250,000 from the particular lottery game. Now, both tickets have £250,000 extra in their bank accounts and they have to decide what they need to do with the money.

According to the lottery officials, the first lottery ticket winning the $250,000 split was purchased from Giant Eagle. The Giant Eagle store is located at 5055 Library Road, Bethel Park, Allegheny County.

The second lottery ticket winning the $250,000 split was purchased from Fischer’s New Brighton Foodland. The particular store is located at 415 9th Street, New Brighton, Beaver County.

Each store is fated to receive a $500 bonus commission for selling the jackpot prize-winning ticket. While the PA lottery has details surrounding the winners such as stores, yet the winners are still to make an appearance.

The players still have not shown up to take their prize monies and start making plans with it. The lottery officials are anxiously waiting for the winners to show up and claim their money. The need to do it within a year’s time so the prize monies do not expire.

The Cash 5 with Quick Cash has observed an enormous number of winners win prizes from the particular draw. According to the lottery officials, more than 16,900 players won prizes ranging between different denominations but less than $500,000.

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