Mega Millions Jackpot Not Won in yet Another Draw


The Mega Millions lottery draw was scheduled for Friday, October 7th and it had a jackpot of about $410 million, which came with a cash option of $208.2 million.

No jackpot winner

The numbers that were drawn on Friday night’s Mega Millions lottery were 06, 11, 29, 36 and 55 and 21 was the gold Mega Ball, while 2X was the Megaplier.

Unfortunately, none of the players were able to match the numbers that would have helped them win the jackpot, which means that the big prize is now going to roll over to the upcoming draw.

The next Mega Millions lottery draw is now scheduled to take place on Tuesday, October 11th and this will now have a whopping jackpot of about $445 million and this has a cash value of $226 million.

Other winners

While there may not have been any winners of the grand prize in Friday night’s Mega Millions lottery draw, there were other winners for the night.

These included two lucky players who were able to become instant millionaires in the Friday night draw. One lucky player from California was able to match all the five numbers, which landed them a prize of $1 million.

However, there was another one from Texas who also managed to hit the five main numbers, but also opted for the Megaplier when buying their tickets. Therefore, they doubled their winnings to $2 million.

Apart from that, there were also 19 lucky players who were able to bag a prize of $10,000 each in the Mega Millions’ Friday night’s lottery draw.

This is because they were able to hit the Match 4 and also the gold Mega Ball at the same time. Apart from that, there were six lucky players who were able to land prizes of $20,000 each.

They were able to do so because not only did they match the four numbers and the gold Mega Ball, they had also opted for the Megaplier when buying their ticket, so they doubled their winnings.

The rest of the prizes that were won in the Mega Millions lottery draw on Friday night were between $2 and $1,000.

The latest drawing had a total number of 817,320 winning tickets that were sold at all the prize levels.

More details

If there is a grand prize winner in the next Mega Millions lottery draw, it would become the 12th largest jackpot to have been won in the 20 year history of the game.

The last time the jackpot was won was back on July 29th and since then, the total number of winning tickets that have been sold at all prize levels is around 11.9 million.

This includes 22 winning tickets that were worth $1 million or more. People can play the Mega Millions lottery every week on Tuesday and Friday, in 45 US states, the US Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia.

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