Powerball Lottery’s Saturday Night Jackpot Grows


The Powerball lottery draw was conducted on Wednesday, September 28th and it had a jackpot of a whopping $300 million that had a cash value of about $159.5 million.

No jackpot winners

The winning numbers that were drawn in Wednesday night’s draw of the Powerball were 06, 10, 24, 33 and 67, with 11 being the red Powerball number and the 3X as the Power Play.

Unfortunately, there were no winners for the jackpot on Wednesday and this only means that the jackpot for the next draw will be much bigger.

Indeed, the jackpot for Wednesday’s draw has now rolled over to the next Powerball draw, which is scheduled to take place on Saturday, October 1st.

The jackpot for Saturday night’s draw will now be an impressive $322 million and it will come with a cash option of $170.8 million.

Other prizes

Even though the Saturday night draw of the Powerball lottery did not see anyone win the grand prize, there were a number of prizes that were won.

One lucky player was able to become an instant millionaire thanks to the Powerball draw on Saturday. A ticket holder in Florida was able to hit the Match 5.

Usually, it would have meant a prize of $1 million for them, but since they also opted for the Power Play, which allowed them to win $3 million.

Apart from that, there were a number of smaller monetary prizes that were won in the same draw. There were a total of eight players who managed to hit the Match 4 and the Powerball number in Saturday night’s draw.

This means that each of them were able to win a prize of $50,000 each. But, there was just one player who hit the Match 4, the Powerball number and also opted for the Power Play.

Therefore, they were able to triple their prize to $150,000. The rest of the prizes for Saturday night’s Powerball draw were between $4 and $300.

There were a total of 500,459 lucky players who were able to win a prize by participating in the Powerball draw on Saturday.

Indiana wins

Saturday night’s drawing resulted in a wave of Powerball wins for players in Indiana. The total winnings in the state came close to $3 million.

The largest prize had gone to a player who landed the prize of $2 million after opting for the Power Play option and had bought their ticket in New Albany at a Circle K.

Another winner had purchased a winning ticket worth $1 million in Laurel at a Bedels One Stop Marathon.

Some of the other big wins in the state also included two players, one of whom landed a $100,000 prize and the other one took home a prize of $50,000.

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