Safe and Secure online Shopping in 2016

Not everyone knows that the internet is not always a safe place. Hundreds of thousands of people are dooped into making fake online purchases every year and some of them never even get any money back from their credit card company because they don’t even find out about it themselves.

This is why technologies such as SSL and services such as SKRILL and PAYPAL now exist online. When you purchase a product on a secure website you will know that you are in good hands. You can tell that you are surfing a secure website by looking for the HTTPS protocol in the website address.

What is SSL or HTTPS?

Secure Socket Layer was the first popular technology that helped people shop online without fearing that their data is being leaked by hackers or stolen by fake websites. Today the SSL technologies have been strengthened again and again adding more layers of security to online payments.

When you are surfing the web in your browser (Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Safari ect’) you will be able to see the web address of the website that you are on. Does the web address have a regular HTTP prefix or does it have the secure HTTPS prefix?

When shopping online you should always be looking for the HTTPS prefix, which means that the website is using one of the upgraded SSL technologies. This gives you a higher assurance that the website is actually REAL and not a fake website and that your data is not being hacked or stolen by any third party hackers.

What Types of Website Use SSL?

Websites that use the Secure Socket layer technology are the biggest online shopping website such as the online lottery JinniLotto website, online commerce website Ebay, online money transfer website PayPal and many more secure shopping websites. If you are looking to buy something online and the website does not have SSL then you should think twice about buying anything there.

In summary, when shopping online always make sure that you can see the HTTPS prefix in the websites address and even stop to take a look at the websites security certificate which is accessible by clicking on the “page information” button that is located near the address in your browser.

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