Top 10 Online Lottery Services & Top 5 Lottery Games

Top 10 Online Lotto Agents


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LottoSend is one of the leading online lottery websites that has lots of offices in the different parts of the world. LottoSend offers up to $30 cashback to new players and all tickets are genuine scanned original tickets. LottoSend offers group play, single tickets and subscriptions.


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lotterymaster-logoLotteryMaster has earned itself a great reputation with many customers winning prizes. LotterMaster offers a free ticket to all new players and all tickets are genuine scanned original tickets. LotterMaster offers group play, single tickets and subscriptions.


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agent-lottoLottoAgent is an online company that brings customers the ability to purchase tickets for 18 lotteries around the world. LottoAgent offers up to %25 off on all tickets to new players and all tickets are genuine scanned original tickets. LottoAgent offers group play, single tickets and subscriptions.

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What are the Most Trusted Lotto Websites? Trusted Lotto Site

The most trusted lotto websites and best online lotteries are listed in our TOP 10. These are just a few of the Lotto sites that we trust here at Online Lottery Shop and you can read our reviews of these official online lottery sites at our website. How do you know if you can trust a lotto site? Well there are many ways to find out if a lotto site is trustworthy.

What is a Trusted Lotto Site?

      • A trusted lotto site will give you a genuine scanned ticket
      • They will not harass you on the phone to get you to deposit more money and buy more tickets
      • They will not spam your email account with too many emails
      • They will make depositing money easy and secure
      • They will make withdrawing winnings easy and secure
      • They will have a great customer support 24/7

A trusted online lotto website will have customer support 24/7 available for you in a chat window, email or telephone and you will get the answer to any question within a few minutes. Websites such as LottoSend have superior live customer support and are known to answer questions within a few minutes. Websites that offer online lottery betting services such as LottoAgent can also be trustworthy. Even though they don’t actually get you a genuine ticket, scan it and send you the scan, if they still send you your winnings in full amount when you win a prize, like Lottosend actually does, then they are trustworthy.

What is the Best Online Lottery?

Well, you have been searching for the best online lottery and you want to know what is the best way to win the lottery online? The answer to these 2 questions is simple and can be answered with the following easy to understand information. In the following post we will tell you what the best online lottery is and how you can beat the odds and win the lottery online.

The Best Online Lottery

The best online lottery is either the USA Powerball and Mega Millions lottery and the European Euromillions lottery, which can all be played online with various online lottery service providers. You can read or reviews to see which one of these online lottery ticket providers are most trustworthy. These 3 lottos are the best because they have the biggest jackpots. The USA Powerball has a minimum of $40,000,000 jackpot and can roll-over up to $1.5 Billion! The USA Mega Millions also has huge jackpots and so does the European Euromillions.

How To Win the Lottery Online?

The best way to increase your chances of winning the lottery online and to beat the odds is by joining an online lottery group or syndicate. In the history of the lotteries worldwide many huge jackpots were won by syndicate groups. Joining an online lottery syndicate will increase your chances of winning, when you buy 1 ticket you get to play with 100 tickets or 200 tickets, depending on the size of the group. This is the best proven way to win the lottery online.

So basically the best online lottery and the best way to win the lottery online is by joining an online syndicate group for the USA Powerball, USA Mega Millions and / or European Euromillions lotteries. For the price of about $65 per month you can join 3 online syndicates, one for each of the best lotteries and have the real chance at winning the best lottery online. Also when you join one of these online lottery syndicates you will get some free lottery tickets as a bonus.

Top 5 Online Lottery Games in the World

The top 5 lottery games, by far, are the following games with the biggest minimum jackpots:

  1. USA Powerball – minimum $40 million jackpot
  2. Europe Euromillions – minimum jackpot €17 million
  3. USA Mega Millions – minimum jackpot $15 million
  4. Europe Eurojackpot – minimum jackpot €10 million
  5. Australia Powerball – minimum jackpot $3 million