A Government Employee from Kenya Becomes the Winner of US Powerball of $50,000

Kenyan Wins USA Powerball Lottery

E.L., an analyst from the government of Kenya who is 35 years old, won a cool $50,000 from the Powerball of 20th April. E.L. has two kids and is married.

His passion is swimming, sports betting and engaging in rugby. He just started playing lotteries from 2009. He initially came across a lottery in the United States when he visited family members and engaged in New York Powerball.

It was only through research that he obtained knowledge about online lottery “I was intrigued by Powerball jackpot, which compelled me to make a study on the prospects of managing to play online lotteries while in Kenya, in the same way as US Powerball,” he stated. Fortunately, his online lottery agent offered E.L support when he placed the winning bet.

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E.L., a thirty five-year-old analyst for the Kenyan government
E.L., a thirty five-year-old analyst for the Kenyan government | 2016 US Powerball Winner through TheLotter

Encouraged by the January Billion Powerball of $1.6 Billion

In addition, the $1.6 million January Powerball jackpot made E.L. curious. He continuously watched it develop after each draw, asking himself how it would feel to be a winner of such a magnificent prize.

But, the lotteries he likes playing are Powerball as well as US Mega Millions, as these were the initial lotteries that he would engage in when he toured the United States.

The Kenyan Champ’s Undisclosed Facts on Being a Powerball Winner

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The winning strategy E.L. possesses is uncomplicated. ‘I have a number of predetermined digits which I played at all times rotational, despite the lottery which I am engaging in.

“I just go on repeating similar digits many times.” In addition, E.L is happy to engage in playing in group lotteries as he is able to purchase additional lottery tickets at only a small cost. The chances of becoming a jackpot winner are higher and he is able to share with other players, the thrill of being a winner.

Prior to this huge win of $50,000, E.L. became winner of $100 US Mega millions. He tips other players of online lottery to simply go on playing as in the end it will be profitable; it definitely worked for E.L.

At the moment, he can buy another car after selling the previous one the other day. According to him, this prize shall greatly provide lots of monetary assistance when buying this.

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