Woman From Philippines Wins €151,000 After Buying Lottery Ticket Online For $2

Woman From Philippines Wins Spanish Lottery

Play la Primitiva online
Play la Primitiva online

Christina R bought a lottery ticket online for the La Primitiva Spanish lottery game and ended up winning €151,000 jackpot prize! On 21 July 2016 she played in the Spanish La Primitiva lottery’s 2016/58 draw through an online lottery agent by the name of TheLotter and the winning numbers that were drawn matched 5 of the numbers that Christina had on her ticket! As a result she won a mind-boggling €151,000!

Christina R – Woman From Philippines Wins Spanish Lottery Jackpot
Christina R – Woman From Philippines Wins Spanish Lottery

Philippines Woman Wins La Primitivas 58th Draw of 2016

Christina is now the biggest female online lottery jackpot winner in history, previously during 2016 an Iraqi man had won $6.4 million in a USA lottery, after buying his tickets online and also a man from Kenya and a man from Singapore had won big lottery jackpots after buying their lottery tickets online, but Christina is the first woman to win a big lottery prize after buying her tickets online!

Are you surprised to learn that a woman from the Philippines won a jackpot in a Spanish lottery game? Well you should not be! People from all over the world have been winning large lottery prizes from games all over the world ever since the lottery went online! Just like Christina from the Philippines you can play lottery games from Europe, America, or any other country with just a few clicks of your computer mouse!

Christina Felt That She Was Going to Win Even Before Buying Her Ticket!

Christina was feeling lucky and was online looking for a way to play one of the international lottery games from her home in Philippines when she happened to come across one of the online lottery websites she thought it might be too good to be true that she could so easily purchase a lottery ticket online. She learned that she could get her tickets for any international lottery that she wanted such as the USA Powerball or European Euromillions or Spanish La Primitiva, right at home from the Philippines, on her computer. She wondered if she had any real chance of winning a jackpot but because she was feeling lucky, she went ahead and bought her ticket online for only just a couple dollars per ticket, and ended up winning enough money to buy a new house!

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