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Iceland Lottery Games

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The Iceland lottery operations were launched on a warm and sunny Saturday in 1952 and the date was 19th April. Swedish and Danish football were the only games available in the beginning, but gradually, English football began to gain more and more popularity with each passing year.

Europe was introduced as the Primera Liga, English, Italian and German league in 1993. Two years later, a number of other sports such as basketball, bowling, ice hockey, racing, gold, handball and more were also introduced. As far as proceeds from the game are concerned, this sweepstakes game generates money, which is then used for benefitting the country’s youth and for supporting sports programs.

The rules and regulations of the Iceland lottery dictate that participants have to be at least 18 years or older if they wish to play the lottery online. In addition, when playing the guessing and quiz games, they have to deal with ISK 90,000. Apart from that, if you make a play account, you should know that you are not allowed to have more than ISK 100,000 in your account. Any money that is in excess of this stated amount will automatically be transferred to the credit card that’s connected to the player’s account.



In case the players decide that they want to take a break from playing the Iceland lottery, they have the option of remaining inactive for approximately six months. As far as the daily purchases for the sweepstakes are concerned, players can enjoy about ISK 12,000. One more notable fact about the Iceland lottery is that players who end up winning big prizes are given financial advice, which can be immensely beneficial for them. But, before you think about winning, you need to decide what game you want to play. There are a wide array of games at your disposal when you decide to play the lottery in Iceland.

Some of the options include:

The Viking Lotto

One of the most renowned Iceland lottery games is none other than the Vikings Lotto, which has the honor of being one of the first few multi-national lottery games all over the globe. A total of eight lottery companies operate this particular game throughout the Baltics and Scandinavia. Even though it may have some other names in different countries, the Viking Lotto remains one of the most popular lottery games that are played in the entire Scandinavian region.

It also has some of the biggest jackpots as they have reached as much as ISK 4,191 million, which is approximately 25 million euros. This is mostly due to the ‘Lucky Number’ feature that is part of the game. The biggest Viking Lotto jackpot that was won by a participant was back in October 2007 and it was somewhere around ISK 105.6 million.

The Iceland Lotto

This is regarded as the primary lottery game that can be found in the country and is one that was introduced back in 1986. The Iceland lotto is regarded as the flagship lottery game in the range of games of the Icelandic National Lottery and it is also recognized as the Lotto 5/40. This means that it follows the same typical format as that of other jackpot lotteries, which is a favorite of lottery players in the country. The biggest jackpot to be won when playing the Iceland Lotto was in December 14th, 2013 and it was around ISK 139.5 million. The cost of a ticket of this particular lotto game is ISK 100 and your winnings are not subjected to any tax. The lottery draw for this game is conducted every Saturday at 18.54.


It is one of the most recognized lotteries in Europe and can also be played in Iceland. This Pan European lottery can be played in 16 countries, which also includes Iceland. It was on 23rd March, 2012 that the first Eurojackpot draw was conducted in the country and from then on, it has become part of the lottery offerings in Iceland. The draws for the Eurojackpot are conducted every Friday and it is regarded as one of the biggest Euro games because its prizes just begin at 10 million euros and can increase each week until they have hit the cap of 90 million euros.


Play Iceland Lotto Online Now
Play Iceland Lotto Online Now

If you are participating in the Iceland Lotto or even the Viking Lotto and wish to increase your winnings, the best way to go about it is by playing this particular game i.e. Joker. In order to win this special lottery game, you are required to match 5 numbers that are drawn between 1 and 9. The Joker numbers you select will be printed on your ticket, along with the Viking or Lotto numbers that you have chosen to play. If you are playing Joker in conjunction with the Viking Lotto, the winning numbers will be drawn on Wednesday after its draw is over. If you have chosen to play it with Iceland Lotto, its draw will be held on Saturday. In the case where you are able to match the five numbers in the right order, you will be able to take home a jackpot of ISK 2 million.


The Lottery Iceland operates a total of two 1X2 games and these fall under the jurisdiction of the Iceland Pools. The first game that you can find is known as Icelandic Football or Enski Boltinn whereas the second game is known as the European Football or Evropu Boltinn. The purpose of participating in either of these two games is to correctly predict the results of football games, which includes both European and Icelandic football games. For every play, there are a total of 13 football games and for each game, you are required to indicate if it will be a Draw, a Home Win or an Away Win. For every single play, you have to pay a price of ISK 16.

Tippað í beinni

Another game that’s offered by the Icelandic Pools is Tippað í beinni or Tippao Live. When you decide to participate in this kind of lottery, you will be required to place bets or Tipp on football games primarily, but while they are still ongoing.


Known as Sportsbook in English, this is another lottery game that’s based on football and it is run and operated by the Icelandic Pools. Again, the purpose of this game is to predict the result of the football games correctly, but this game is able to distinguish itself from the others by allowing you to decide the games on which you want to bet. Furthermore, it also gives you the opportunity to decide the amount you wish to bet. Just like the 1X2 games, you have to decide whether it will be an Away Win, Home Win or a Draw. You are required to play a minimum of 10 units and the cost of playing a single unit is ISK 10.

One of the best things about these games is that you are able to play them not only from within Iceland, but also from other regions throughout Europe and Scandinavia. This has happened due to the launch of various online ticket agencies as they have made lotteries from all over the world accessible to lottery players. While this is certainly a benefit, it also means that the odds of actually winning the lottery are tougher now. Nonetheless, there are some ways in which you can boost your chances of winning the lottery in Iceland.

Here are some of the things you should not do when you are playing any of the lottery games in Iceland:

Don’t be a butterfly lottery player

Who are these people? You will find a lot of lottery players out there who tend to jump from one lottery to the next in every draw. These are the butterfly players who are jumping from lottery to lottery just as butterflies jump from flower to flower. It is simply not possible for a lottery player to win every single draw. Moreover, losing a draw is something that can happen to anybody and it is not such a disappointment that you immediately move to the next lottery altogether. Just because you didn’t win the first time doesn’t mean that you will never win again. Some weeks offer better odds than others and by moving onto the next after a single draw, you might miss out on a win.

Don’t make excuses for missing the next draw

Again, don’t let one loss get you down. Sure, you didn’t win it, but there is no need or you to make excuses for missing out the next draw. Stick to the numbers you have selected and participate in a few draws before you decide to quit or switch to a different game. It is very rare for people to win in their first ever draw. Do you really want to regret later on when your chosen numbers do actually win a prize, but you chose to miss out that draw?

Don’t be afraid to change

This sounds like a contradiction; at one point, you are being told to stick to a lottery and another is telling you to switch. However, the fact is that there is only so many times you can play a lottery game and not win. You cannot just keep on waiting for your big win because it may never come. Once you have tried a few times, with different number combinations, and have used various strategies without any results, it might be time to try another game. How does this help? The odds of every lottery game are different and this may just work in your favor.

Don’t exceed your budget

It can be very tempting to buy as many tickets as possible. After all, the best way for you to win the Iceland lottery is to get a huge number of tickets because this will definitely increase your odds. However, once you get started, it can be very difficult to stop and before you know it, you have spent a fortune on lottery tickets and still don’t have a victory to your name. Therefore, it is recommended that you create a budget for the lottery and stick to it to stop yourself from going bankrupt.

Don’t be afraid to follow tips

If you do a search on the internet, you will find tons of articles that are willing to offer you tips of all kinds that claim to help you win. Yes, you cannot rely on all of them, but you can also find strategies recommended by past winners that may be of use. As these people have played and won, their advice might help you in improving your odds of winning the Iceland lottery. You can try out their tips and strategies in some of your games and see if they are of any use.

Don’t fall for tricks

Play Iceland Lotto Online Now
Play Iceland Lotto Online Now

As mentioned above, the internet is full of information, but this also means that there are lots of scams out there. You will find websites that have software that can aid you in predicting your Iceland lottery numbers. While there are some software that do exist, you have to be careful in choosing the right one because they can also be used for making money. Also, you should bear in mind that these programs can only predict numbers that might win, which means there is no guarantee that those numbers will win.

Apart from avoiding these mistakes and pitfalls, one way you can most certainly increase your odds of winning the Iceland lottery is by participating in a syndicate. What is this? Put simply, a group of people pool their money together to buy a large number of tickets. As aforementioned, buying more tickets is the simplest way of improving your odds. If a prize is won by a syndicate, it is divided amongst all members. You can easily find syndicates for the Iceland lottery online and participate in them to win big.