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What are Online Lottery Syndicates?


Lottery groups and syndicates are proven to improve your chances at winning a lottery. Many of the big jackpot winners in the past years in the Powerball lottery were syndicates (lottery pool winners).

As of recently, lottery players can also join an online syndicate (also known as an “online lottery pool” or “lottery group play”) easily and securely online.

Joining a Powerball group online is fast and easy and the prices are cheaper than starting your own pool at work or with friends.

Trusted Online Lottery Syndicate Websites

Purchasing Tickets and Shares for Multiple Draws

Players can join a trusted online lottery syndicate or online lottery pool and purchase group shares for as many draws as they like, ahead of time, for the biggest lottery games such as Mega Millions or Euromillions and be sure that their numbers will be played in the syndicate for all of the upcoming draws.

When someone else from the syndicate plays winning numbers, the whole syndicate shares the prize and if one of the tickets is a lucky jackpot winner then the whole syndicate becomes millionaires!


Group Play – Best Online Lottery Syndicates

Where to start an online lottery syndicate? Where to join an online lottery pool?

Online Lottery Syndicate Tickets
Online Lottery Syndicate Tickets

One of the best group play options is with LottoSend syndicate lottery ticket pool and online lottery pool manager that offers a sharing of up to 75 tickets for only $12.50. LotteryMaster and LottoAgent also have very high value syndicate options.

Jion LottoSend | Join LotteryMaster | Jion LottoAgent

When playing with an online lottery syndicate the best choice would be playing the lotto with the biggest jackpot.

Lotteries such as Euromillions, Mega Millions and Powerball always have very large jackpots of tens of millions of US dollars and can even get to over a billion US dollars, so when buying lottery group play tickets you should opt for one of these 3 lotteries.

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Lottery Syndicate Jackpot Winners

Big Lottery Jackpots and Prizes That Were Won by Lottery Syndicates / Groups

Lotto syndicates are very widely used across the world. It is actually a method to maximize your probabilities of winning therefore your share the prize along with other winners. People who make use of lotto syndicates win the majority of jackpot lotto winnings.

Lotto syndicates are improving even more popularity all worldwide. It happens to be a powerful way to win additional money. Just how exciting could it be to play the lotto with your loved ones, close friends as well as your fellow colleagues?

Despite the fact that this could seem like an entertaining and fascinating method to play the lotto (even though it is going to boost your possibilities of winning) you ought to have a legal paper signed by all of the individuals and that means you do not need to be worried about getting left out of the winnings.

This is certainly known as a lotto syndicate agreement. It is possible to obtain one online, by means of the post, or through a certified lawyer.

Mega Millions $319 Million Win by Syndicate of 7 Workers

Mega Millions Winners

On March 28th New York City Lottery Director Gordon Medenica partnered with the Lottery’s Yolanda Vega to presented the sum of $319,000,000 to 7 co-workers from the New York City Division of Housing and Community Renewal. The Mega Millions syndicate includes:

* John Hilton 57 years
* Gabrielle Mahar, 29
* John Kutey, 54
* Tracy Sussman, 41
* Mike Barth,63
* Kristin Baldwin, 42
* Leon Peck, 62

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Irish National Lottery €18 Million Group Win

irish lottery winnersThe Irish lottery has been functioning since 1986 which makes it the longest functioning of all the national lotteries. This was started to increase much needed money for government financing of quite a few programs such as sports and recreation, health as well as safety. It also finances the arts, national heritage, perhaps even the Irish language.

Since the Irish lotto began this has put over EUR 3 billion in the direction of these particular causes.It has turned out to be completely a win win circumstance offering an opportunity for the public to win a large amount of tax 100% free money and also paying for public programs.

The greatest ever jackpot win was an enormous EUR 18,963,441 received by a syndicate of sixteen employees from the Dan Morrissey quarry in Carlow Ireland. However, there is certainly a great prize winner out there someplace who unfortunately forgot to look at their numbers and also missed out on winning EUR3,445 ,934. The tickets reach their expiration date six months after the draw. This occurred back in 2001.

Based on the recent study something like two thirds of Irish adults say they regularly play the lotto. Starting in 2009 tickets became available online now we can finally play the Irish national lottery from anywhere in the world.

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SuperEnaLotto €177 Million Won by Syndicate


SuperEnaLotto is an Italian extremely jackpot lottery after over eight months of rollovers, the greatest single-ticket jackpot up-to-date is unquestionably worth €177,800,000 ($247 ,943 ,104 ).

This is received by a syndicate of seventy winners on October 2010

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EuroMillions £161 Million Big Syndicate Win

Euromillions winners

EuroMillions had been known for producing one of the biggest winners in the world which includes some of the Syndicates/Groups winners, below are lists of the winners/amount won.

A lottery syndicate received £1 million in 2013, but, there was clearly a dispute in a dispute over the right way to share the cash after three individuals are accused of not paying for the ticket. The sixteen co-workers from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA ) were every single one due to be given £62,500 as soon as they won the EuroMillions draw. However, in a drama reminiscent of the BBC series The Syndicate, the group argued about how exactly to split the winnings after three people had not paid.

Les and Sam Scadding

(£45,570,835) – The couple from Caerlon, South Wales, owned one of the two winning tickets of £90 million jackpot in November 2009.

Gareth and Catherine Bull

(£40,627,241) – The couple from Mansfield won the big jackpot prize in January 2012.

Colin and Chris Weir

(£161,653,000) – The Weir couple is from Largs in Ayrshire. They claimed they were tickled pink after they discovered they won Europe’s greatest lottery jackpot prize in July 2011.

Dave and Angela Dawes

(£101 ,203 ,600) – The Dawes couple from Cambridgeshire notified that it absolutely just their 3rd time to play the EuroMillions when they received the life-changing amount of money in October 2011.

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