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With Online Lottery Shop you can play all of the best lottery games with the biggest jackpot from your home in Indonesia! Huge prize lottery games such as USA Mega Millions and European Euromillions are now just a few clicks away! Play lottery online from Indonesia today.

Online Lottery Indonesia

In Indonesia people who want to play lottery games can only play online because the local government has banned lottery games because of the Islam religion. There used to be a local lottery game and millions of Indonesian people were buying tickets, but after a few years the government had to ban it due to pressure from religious factors in the country. So today people in Indonesia who like playing the lottery can only play online.

Which Games To Play?

Because of the big jackpots most Indonesians choose to play the USA Powerball and Mega Millions when playing online, many also like the European Euromillions game. These lotteries are popular and most Indonesians know about them and many have bought tickets online already.

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Where to Buy Lotto Tickets Online in Indonesia

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