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What is is not the official website of Euromillions. This is actually a website owned by which is an online lottery betting provider. Read our full review on the page in this link for more info. When you click any of the “play” buttons on this website you get redirected to, so it is either a website owned by them or an affiliate that is working solely with them.

What Happens When You Buy Tickets Through

When you try to purchase a Euromillions ticket through this website you get redirected to and you actually do not buy an actual real official Euromillions ticket, you only bet on the outcome of the upcoming Euromillions draw.

> Learn more about lottery betting (click on this link then scroll down all the way to the end of the page)

Should You Buy Tickets Through

Although lottery betting is actually legit and many people have won and received their prizes through lottery betting websites, we think that using a lottery agent that actually purchases an official ticket on your behalf such as Lottosend or Lottoagent is a better way to go.

Last updated on 16th of June 2018
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