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If you are someone considering participating in a lottery and you live in Sikkim, you should consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Some of the best lotteries in India are from Sikkim. While many other states have their own lotteries, there are not many that are as big as the ones that are available to the residents of Sikkim.

Yes, you have to know that a big lottery is a result of many people participating. What it means is that the odds of winning this lottery are very high. High odds indicate the difficulty of winning a lottery. However, they are also a sign of a huge jackpot. 

Let’s learn in detail about the Sikkim lottery, how you can participate in it and see the latest results.  

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An Overview of the Sikkim Lottery 

In India, laws pertaining to the lotteries are not as clear as they are in some other big countries of the world. You can get confused quite easily after reading a few lines about the legality of lotteries in India. However, you can make it easy for yourself by keeping a list of the states that allow the lotteries. What that means is that playing a lottery in those states is entirely legal and safe. Fortunately, Sikkim happens to be one of those lucky states. Don’t forget, there are more states that have banned the lotteries in India than there are that allow them.  

In Sikkim, you get to play many different types of lotteries and that’s what makes this state so special. In many other states like West Bengal and Assam, you have lotteries that run on a daily basis. In fact, some of the lotteries in Nagaland have their draws taking place three times a day. In Sikkim, the two major lotteries are the daily and the weekly ones. The daily lottery is played on every day of the week and the weekly is on Saturday. There are many other lotteries that can be played weekly on a day other than Saturday. There is another huge lottery that takes play on Thursdays.  

What Makes Sikkim Lottery Special? 

Let’s take a look at the many factors that make the lotteries in Sikkim special.  

Huge Jackpots 

It does not matter which lottery you pick from the bunch, the jackpots are always huge. For example, the first prize for the daily evening lottery in Sikkim can be as huge as Rs.26,00,000. Of course, that is a sum that can definitely change your life. In addition to that, the weekly lottery can also be so huge that the first prize jackpot is an eight digit number. In addition to that, there are second, third, fourth, and other awards. There can be hundreds of winners in the lower prize winning categories. No matter how many other aspects of a lottery are great, it is the big jackpot that attracts people the most towards it.  

Multiple Choices 

It is totally up to you which lottery you want to participate in. If you have the patience to wait for a week before the results are announced, you can play the weekly lottery. If you can’t wait for a week for the results, you should go for the daily lottery. The thing is that you don’t sacrifice a huge jackpot by playing either. Even the daily lottery has a big jackpot. The tickets are quite affordable as well. In the end, you know that your money can win you something life changing, and that’s not a bad deal in any way.  

Big Secondary Wins 

In most of the lotteries, it is the person who matches all the numbers exactly and hits the jackpot who gets really lucky. The big juicy jackpot belongs to this person. On the other hand, other winners get a very small amount no matter how many remaining numbers they match. Yes, there can be a lot of winners within the same prize category. However, the sum that each winner receives is very small. That’s where Sikkim lottery differs from the rest of the lotteries. If you don’t know, the Saturday lottery can win you some huge secondary prizes as well.  

For example, the Bigwin Jackpot, which is becoming quite popular in the state has some mind blowing secondary awards. The consolation prize can go to 17 people in total. Each person who wins the consolation prize can get a huge sum of Rs.1,00,000. And things get even better for the players who fall in the second prize winning category. The prize money in this category is a huge Rs. 10,00,000. So, even if the person who wins the jackpot takes home Rs.21,00,000, the person getting the second prize is not far behind. In a similar manner, the third prize can also get Rs.50,000. There are not many other lotteries that are as generous as the Sikkim lotteries.  

High Chances of Winning Something 

Sometimes, you just want to see if you can even win. That’s more like a test of your luck. You just want to know if you can ever get lucky, and a small lottery win can be a great indicator of you being lucky. However, your chances of winning at least something from a lottery can go high significantly when the lottery announces a lot of winners. Imagine a lottery in which hundreds of thousands of people participate but only five or ten come out as winners. That’s not the case with Sikkim Lottery. Take a look at the daily lottery with the first prize of Rs.26,00,000.  

the fifth prize category in this lottery announced 100 winning tickets. The third and fourth prizes are given to ten people in each category. In short, more than 100 people come out as winners when they participate in the daily Sikkim lottery. This is an indicator that your chances of winning at least something from the lottery are quite high. If nothing, you can get some money back to buy more lottery tickets and get more chances of winning the jackpot.  

How Do You See the Sikkim Lottery Results? 

That’s not a problem at all. Sikkim lotteries are so famous that you can find many websites on the internet that will provide you with the lottery results. You will find many websites that are under the name of Sikkim State Lotteries. All of these websites can help you know the latest results. However, you will not find all the lotteries on all these websites. Some websites only cover the Saturday lotteries whereas other focus on the daily lotteries. Some are also dedicated only to the lotteries taking place on Fridays or Thursdays. The website you pick depends on the lottery you want to participate in.  

The method of checking the results is very easy. You just have to land on one of the websites that contain the results of the lottery that you are participating in. After that, you will find the “results” tab on the website. Don’t worry about looking for the tab. You will find it easily because almost all these websites are designed in a similar fashion. After landing on the results page, you can either view the draw results of the ongoing day or the past results. For the past results, you will have to enter the date manually. Be ready to download a document on which all the results are given.  

Some websites will give the table right on the web page. However, you will be required to download the document on the device you are using on most of the websites. Check the results carefully so you can find your numbers. Remember that there are hundreds of winners in the last prize categories in almost all of the Sikkim lotteries. That makes finding your number in the last prize category difficult.  

The other way of seeing the results is through an application by downloading it on your smartphone. Let’s talk about lottery result applications and why you should use them in detail.  

Using Smartphone Application for Sikkim Lottery Results  

You can go on Play Store and download an application named Sikkim Lottery Result to see the results in time. The name of this application can be a bit confusing for many players. It might seem to you that the application is from the government but it is not. It is an independent group of developers that has developed this application. Here are some of the reasons why you should have an application to see the Sikkim lottery results.  

To Get Quick Updates 

The first big advantage of using a smartphone application to see the lottery results is that you get the updates quickly. This application gets the results fed to it right from the state department that takes care of the lotteries. Since the results come directly from the database of the company that conducts the draws, you receive them in time. The third party websites on the internet can take hours before they update the results. If you are an impatient person, you might not be able to wait for that long before you can find out if you have won big time.  

To Get Updates Anywhere 

Just because you are participating in a lottery does not mean you have to be in front of your computer all the time. Just like any other person in the world, you must also travel, go to places, meet people, and do things. It is not always possible to be in front of the computer, but that should not keep you from looking at the results. With a mobile application, your results travel with you. As soon as the results are announced, they are updated in your application as well. Make sure that your phone is connected to the internet at the time of the draws so you can receive the results.  

To Save Your Internet Package 

If you are traveling in an area where the signals are not that great, you might encounter trouble in opening the results on the website. Opening the browser and then loading the entire website with its dozens of pages can be quite a task for slow internet connections. On the other hand, the results are automatically updated on your application and the size of the update file is extremely small. You can completely ignore the internet bytes that your application consumes when it updates the results. You don’t even have to deal with slow loading website pages when you check the results on your mobile application.  

Things to Consider before Participating in Sikkim Lottery 

Sikkim lottery can be a huge attraction for not only the people living in Sikkim but those in other states. However, irrespective of who you are, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before participating in the lottery.  

The Laws of Your Region 

Whether you are someone living in Sikkim or outside, you should know the laws of the state about the lottery. If you are an outsider and you wish to participate in the lottery, you should know whether or not you can participate as an outsider. For someone who already lives in the state, they should know the rules so they can participate in the lottery with the peace of mind. In addition to that, they should help others know about these rules rather than leaving people with misinformation about the lottery. Believe it or not, there are still many Indians who are constantly asking about the legality of the lottery on the internet. So, you telling them the fact that lottery is legal in Sikkim can be a great help for them.  

The Right Ways to Check the Results 

There are many websites on the internet that will provide you the results of the lotteries. However, never should ever consider looking at the results on a platform that demands money for showing you the results. Lottery results are always available for free. However, there a fraudulent entities that take advantage of innocent people and charge them money for showing them the results. In fact, some websites even have the so-called gurus who can tell you which numbers to bet on so you can win huge money in the upcoming lottery draw. All of these things are only ways for them to make you shell out your hard earned money.  

View the results of the lotteries only on the websites that show you the results without requiring you to provide your personal information. Better yet, you should consider seeing the results on the smartphone application. Not only is it easy to see the results on the application, but it consumes fewer internet resources and is more reliable as well.  

The Patience and Wait 

It does not matter which lottery you participate in because patience and wait will be the two things that will become your companion. While nothing can be said with surety about lotteries, you should not expect things to go in your favor right on your first ticket. If you end up winning something right after purchasing your first ticket, that’s good for you. However, if you are not able to win anything, you must not let it disappoint you. Many other people are participating in Sikkim lotteries and purchasing their tickets for several years. In most cases, it is the patience of the people that pays off sweetly in the end.  

The Meaning of Odds 

When people talk about odds and chances, it can be confusing for many new lottery players. It is best that you wrap your head around these concepts before participating in any Sikkim Lottery. It is easy to understand when someone says that your chances of winning a lottery are high. However, it can be confusing for people when someone says that their odds of winning are high. Odds are more like the barriers in your way of winning a lottery. More odds mean more barriers in your pursuit of the jackpot. However, the interesting thing is that odds add to the sum that is paid out to the players.  

A lottery with high odds has a huge jackpot whereas a lottery with little odds pays out very little. So this is how it goes: in a lottery with high odds, you have fewer chances of winning whereas in a lottery with low odds you have higher chances of winning. Of course, you must not forget about the size of the jackpot as well. Lower chances of winning a lottery also mean a huge jackpot.  

Sikkim Lottery vs. Other Types of Investments 

In your life, you will find all types of people. Some are happy to participate in lotteries while others don’t. The people who don’t participate in lotteries might ask you to stop spending your money on tickets as well. What they try to tell you is that there are other ways to spend your money and get a good return. However, if you pay a little attention to how lotteries work, you can give them a good answer as to why lotteries are a good investment as well. Let’s compare lottery with other investments on the basis of three factors.  


Lottery is a game of luck and there should be no denying to that fact. However, you can’t say that other investments give you 100% surety about success either. If other investment methods were so successful and predictable, everyone in the world would be an investor. The fact is that uncertainty is everywhere in every form of investment as well. Take the example of stock markets and foreign exchange. When you start trading, you have to rely on several indicators to help you make the right decision. In simple words, you are making predictions. However, your trades can go either way: up or down. 

Size of Investment 

The other factor you have to look at is the sum of money that you are going to spend in an activity. When it comes to Sikkim lottery, you might not even spend a full Rs.20 to purchase the tickets. On the other hand, you have to spend a lot of money to make significant profits. You literally require hundreds of thousands of rupees in many other formats of investments. If you are looking at the factor of affordability, there is no other investment that’s as feasible as buying a lottery ticket. Keep in mind, the amount of money you have to spend on something decides the size of your risk as well.  

When you buy a lottery ticket and do not win anything, all you lose is perhaps Rs.10 on the ticket. On the other hand, a loss in other investments can mean thousands of rupees. Have you ever heard someone who went bankrupt because of buying lottery tickets?  

Size of Return 

Yes, lotteries are highly uncertain and you just have to trust your fortune to win something. However, look at the size of the jackpot that you hit when you win a lottery. Imagine how much time it would take you to earn Rs.26,00,000 from the job that you are doing right now. The Rs.26,00,000 is the size of the first prize of daily Sikkim Lottery. In fact, there is a weekly coronation lottery with the same jackpot size. So, it might take you time to hit the jackpot, but if you hit one, you become one of the richest person in your town, city or maybe even state.  

Final Thoughts  

You must keep your attitude positive when playing Sikkim lottery. Moreover, you have to keep your emotions in check as well. When you have a chance of winning an amount as big as quarter of a million, not winning it can be quite disappointing. However, it is up to you to look at things the way you want. Here is how you should look your lottery participation. If you win something, look at the size of the prize you have won. When you lose and don’t win anything, just know that you have only lost the amount that you spent on purchasing the ticket. It is not as though you lost the jackpot. The jackpot is still there waiting for you to win the very next day or week.  

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