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Italy Superstar Lottery or Italian Super Lotto is the embodiment of the typical lotto game in Italy. The specifics of the game involve enabling gamblers to place bets on integration of figures; from number 6 to 90. Essentially, this is a super lottery. The jackpot goes up to even EUR 68, 900,000, (from the prize of EUR 1, 300,000 which is the original jackpot).

With more than 90 figures to select from, the chances of being a winner in Italian Super Lottery are high. Similar to any other game of lotto, to raise your prospects of winning at this lotto needs some mathematical expertise. It is a lottery game of 90-ball. Here, the aim of the game is matching the six figures which are selected from each draw. Gamblers who manage to match each of the fix figures become a winner of the jackpot.

Inception of Italy Superstar Lotterysuperstar

After Italy Superstar Lottery was begun in 1997, the draw was just open to Italian Players. But, of late this has been developed to include individuals from throughout the globe. Most of the players still stay in Italy. However, the availability of techniques to play online has widened the chance to be a winner of the massive weekly jackpot to each person, despite their location. Obviously, this has raised the size of cash invested in the draw and also the magnitude of the jackpots themselves.

Your Prospects of Being a Winner in Italy Superstar Lottery

As it is an entry system of six figures, little options exist, for raising your possibilities of winning. You are able to just stick to a single combination until the exhaustion of all possibilities. Generally, you have increased prospects of winning with entry systems of 15 number, instead of entry systems of six-number.

The Price of Italy Superstar Lottery

But the entry systems for 15-number is normally costly. The good news is that with Italy Superstar Lottery, you are able to make a couple of bets for only one Euro in case you are purchasing from any qualified ticketing agents in areas across Europe. The cost is moderately low, when you think of the quantity of cash you can probably win, which could amount to millions of Euro cash.

Making Bets for Italy Superstar Lottery

To place bets, you can purchase tickets from Italy; alternatively, you can buy tickets from a worldwide lottery tickets store. Obviously, if you reside outside Italy, you need to seriously think of purchasing a ticket from a worldwide ticketing site. However, if you reside in Italy, it would be better for you to purchase the game tickets in Italy from one of the authorized ticket sellers. The reason is that the fees for participating in such websites (global ticketing websites) are higher compared to the authorized ticket outlets. The winning figures of Italy Superstar Lottery are obtained from Lottomatica’s local draws in cities of Florence, Bari, Naples, Milan, Rome and Palermo. A Jolly Number is obtained from the Venice draw.