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A Couple From Northern England are Over the Moon After Getting a Christmas Gift Beyond Their Wildest Dreams

PRESS RELEASE: London UK, 15-JANUARY-2017: Steve & Amanda Taylor are from Nottingham, England & have been playing National Lottery since 2004 with no winnings to speak of beyond the odd 3 ball match earning them £10 every now and again. They never thought that they would be the ones to pose in front of cameras with a cheque the size of themselves in hand!

Buying Lottery Tickets Online From the United Kingdom (UK)

This all changed though when they found out about online lotto. Steve in particular was interested immediately. After speaking to some of his friends and looking around he decided to play with LottoSend. Wanting to playing more frequently and intrigued by the idea of playing online, they decided to sign up for the group game options in the SuperLotto Plus and U.S Powerball draws. Playing Lotteries on the other side of the Atlantic was something Steve didn’t even know was possible, now he’s taking winnings from them!

We had the chance to speak to the lucky couple and tell them of their $12,433 win. We asked them about their history with playing online lottery and why they decided to move to play online after so many years of only playing their national equivalent.

“I liked the idea that I could play more than just my national lottery where the jackpots and prizes funds change a lot from week to week. I also I enjoy playing. The entire process, from picking my numbers, watching the draw to checking my results – I just enjoy to play! Also, in England the lottery is only twice a week and I wanted to play more than that – LottoSend made it possible for me to pick and choose globally when & how I wanted to play…it was definitely the right decision!” said Steve when asked about the win.

What Will They Do With the Winnings?

The recent win has also give the couple the opportunity to fulfill one of their life-long dreams and book a flight to Durban, South Africa in April to visit Amanda’s Son and grandchildren. “it’s a trip we’ve always talked about and this weekend were booking it!”.

It doesn’t stop there. When asked if after this win they would stop playing online the answer came back quickly from Steve, “Oh no! for sure we’ll keep playing as we were. I want to play more but we’ll see what the wife says!”

Stories such as this one highlight to us the new importance of the online lotto to normal people and players all over the world. The relatively new concept of playing lottery online has allowed millions of people who otherwise would only be able to play the lottery in their country of residence be opened up to the global lottery world – and these people are liking it. Not just this individual story but many, many more with players such as Steve & Amanda – if not as lucky as them!

We hope that they keep playing online & enjoy their visit to family overseas!

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