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Polish national lottery games are overseen by Tolalizator Sportowy, the agent that was given the mandate (Licensed) to run Lotto PL games back in the mid 20th century (Jan 25th, 1956).

The “LOTTO” brand in Poland is the biggest and strongest. Research shows that 60% of Polish citizens always play Totali
zator Sportowy lotto games. The Tolalizator brand remains popular all these years thanks to the variety of games offered, including:

  • Zdrapki
  • Kenopoland-lotto
  • Multi Lotek
  • Duzy Lotek (Polish Lotto)
  • Los Millionos
  • Numerek

When communism ruled Poland, Polish Lottery was only accessible to Polish citizens. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Poland is part of the European Union and players from around the world can play Polish Lotto by buying tickets online.

Numerous websites provide Play Poland Lotto Online offers, which give citizens and the global audience a chance to play exotic and not so exotic Polish lottery games.

Simply jump to your favorite search engine and type in Polish Lottery and you can choose from the numerous Polish lottery website options you find.

How To Play

The Poland Lotto is played thrice every week; every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening. Many people love this lottery thanks to its uniqueness from many other European lottery games that refuse to move with the times. For Polish lottery, players only require picking six numbers out of a pool of 49. With wit and sheer luck, the odds of winning the jackpot and walking away with a bucket-load of cash seem very easy with Poland Lotto!