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TheLotter Review

TheLotter Review
TheLotter Review

TheLotter Services, Bonuses and Promotions, Customer Service & Rating

For those who love to play the lottery, but have been disappointed with the choices they have locally, TheLotter offers an exceptional online service that is simple and fun to use. What is TheLotter? This is a website that allows you to choose from a number of lotteries around the world and purchase as many tickets as you desire. You get to choose from the following lotteries:

USA Mega Millions

USA Powerball

Italy Superstar

Italy Superenalotto

Spain Euromillions

Austria Euromillions

France Euromillions

UK Euromillions

California Superlotto Plus

Germany Lotto

Spain La Primitiva

Europe Eurojackpot

Canada Lotto 6/49

France Lotto

UK Lotto

Finland Viking Lotto

Florida Lotto

New Zealand Powerball

Switzerland lotto

Brazil Mega Sena

Australia Oz Lotto

New York Cash4Life

Spain El Gordo

Ireland Lotto

Spain Bono Lotto

Romania Lotto 6/49

New jersey Pick 6 XTRA

Hungary Otoslotto

New York Lotto

Austria Lotto

Australia Saturday Lotto

Finland Lotto

Brazil Quina

Australia Powerball

South Africa Powerball

Oregon Megabucks

Ontario 49

Brazil Dupla Sena

Hungary Hatoslotto

Australia Wednesday Lotto

Australia Monday Lotto

Poland Lotto

Colombia Balotto

UK Thunderball

South Africa lotto

Florida Lucky Money

Ukraine Megalot

Ukraine Super Loto

Online Lottery Sign Up
Online Lottery Sign Up

How to Play TheLotter – How you play is simple enough, just pick from any of the lotteries on the page and select your favorite numbers so that you can enter. A local office of TheLotter will send out a representative to purchase the ticket on your behalf. If you choose the winning number, then all of your winnings will be transferred to your account commission-free. All you need to do is set up a free account which will allow the money transfer to take place. Overall, the website is very simple and straightforward with an emphasis on play rather than gimmicks.

Overall, TheLotter is a very simple, inexpensive online service that allows you to choose from a number of the most popular lotteries from around the world. With no commission to pay, you can enjoy your full winnings when you choose the right set of numbers, so it’s little wonder that TheLotter comes highly recommended.

Is TheLotter Safe? Is TheLotter a Scam? Is TheLotter Legit?

TheLotter is NOT a Scam!
TheLotter is NOT a Scam!

TheLotter is NOT a Scam and it is %100 Safe!

The Iraqi man who won Millions of dollars bought his ticket with TheLotter! We can guarantee you that they are not a scam, they are %100 legit and safe to use. The internet has helped people to play lotteries from all over the world and TheLotter is certainly one of the more successful. By combining access to lotteries from around the world, TheLotter has allowed anyone with an internet connection to play and win. For many, this is the only way that they enter lotteries and the overall quality of the service is paramount to the success of the site.

TheLotter Review – Does Online Lottery Get Any Better than This?

Do you have dreams that you wish to see come true one day? Does it often disappoint you to know that your regular job does not pay you enough to do a lot of the things that you have on your wish list? If you have been through these feelings, you are not alone. The busy lives, financial issues, family matters, etc. can be stressful for anyone. People are always looking for a way to kill the monotony of their lives and completely change the way they live. In short, a lot of people out there wish to have a lot of money which their jobs don’t seem to be giving them.

That’s where lottery comes in. Buy a cheap ticket and wish for the fairy to sway the magic wand around your fortune. Once that happens, you could win millions of dollars. There is no doubt that to win a lottery jackpot, you need a lot of luck on your side. But how do you take part in lotteries? This could have been a worrying question in the past. Today, it is no big deal at all. A website like theLotter gives you access to the best lotteries from every corner of the world in one place. Just pick the lottery that attracts you the most and hope to win millions of dollars.

A lot of people recommend theLotter because they think it is the best lottery website to play worldwide lotteries. Let’s do a detailed theLotter review to see if that’s true.

TheLotter – Introduction to the Company

TheLotter remains the first company to come up with the idea of being able to participate in lotteries in other countries. With this method, you do not have to be in the country where the lottery takes place. You just order the ticket online and create your chances of winning the jackpot in a completely different country. This concept was first put to use by theLotter in 2002, which makes it the pioneer of online lottery services. Before that, you had to go to the retailer to buy the ticket. In short, if you were an Australian and you wanted to participate in the US Powerball, you had to go to the US to buy the ticket.

The company has been spreading since day one and has 20 offices in various countries of the world. When a customer orders the ticket online, the company sends its agent to go to the retailer to buy the ticket for the customer. A scanned image of this ticket is then saved in your online account that you can access whenever you want.  The company keeps no cut from the money you purchase. When you purchase the ticket from theLotter, it makes its money off of those tickets. When you win a thousand of a million dollars, the company does not take a cent from it.

TheLotter – Website Experience

TheLotter website is packed with useful information. As soon as you land on the website, you can see the biggest lotteries of the world waiting for you to click on them and participate in them. The top tabs are excellently placed to visit any part of the website. The web pages load quickly and the overall user interface is soothing to the eyes. Right on the home page, you can see the results of the lotteries and some useful information on how the service works. You can also know a lot about the company from the home page of the website.

Highlights of TheLotter as a Company

Pioneers of Online Lottery Ticket Service

You have to give the company the credit that it was the first one that made it possible for people to take part in lotteries from around the world. There are many other similar websites up and running today. However, they can never be the first one to do that now. It might come off as a surprise but theLotter had begun this service in 2002. That’s nearly 16 years ago when the internet was not even as mature and advanced as it is today. It is quite astonishing to know that theLotter had come up with and executed the idea of purchasing lottery tickets online before Facebook even came into being.

Global Presence

Right when you land on the website, you can see that there is an option for you to change the language. It is an indication of how big a company is and how much it cares about its customers. The website is available in 14 languages right now. In addition to that, depositing funds in the account is also easy for theLotter players because the website supports nine different currencies. The company has offices located in various countries to provide the best lottery ticket concierge service.

Big Winners

With most other lottery websites providing similar services, you don’t see this. TheLotter has been around for quite some time now and during this time, it has made some huge winners as well. Take the example of this lady named Aura. This lucky winner played Florida Lotto using theLotter platform and was able to win a life changing $30 million. The list of winners who played through theLotter and won big is even longer. Another theLotter player won $6.4 million from Oregon Megabucks using theLotter platform in 2015. Furthermore, five of theLotter players have won $1 million each on different occasions.

Payouts of $90 Million

Any lottery website’s success rests on how much it has paid out since its launch. TheLotter remains one of the proudest websites on the internet that has helped players from around the world win big. The total payouts made by the company so far are more than $90 million. What’s even better is that there are about four million people who have collected their awards through theLotter. The biggest winner was a woman from Panama who won a huge jackpot of $30 million. The company had paid out several $1 million prizes too.

The Available Jackpots

You will be hard pressed to find a website that has more jackpots for you to play than theLotter. There are more than 50 lottery jackpots from nearly two dozen countries of the world that you can participate in to win millions. These lotteries come from all the different places. Some of the biggest lottery jackpots available on theLotter website include the following.

  • Powerball (US)
  • MegaMillion
  • EuroJackpot
  • EuroMillions
  • SuperEnalotto
  • La Primitiva
  • Powerball (NZ)
  • Powerball (AUS)
  • Melate

These are only few of the biggest lotteries that are available for you to play on theLotter. The best thing is that you can decide how you want to play. TheLotter gives you some options that are not available on other lottery websites.

First, you can take part in these lotteries alone. Choose the lottery, mark your numbers, pay for the tickets, and wait for the notification of that big win. However, almost every game is available for you to participate in as a syndicate. As a syndicate, you play with a group and make hundreds of entries in the game. This increases your chances of winning the lottery. The third option, which you don’t find on other websites, is the bundle package. You can play as a part of the syndicate as well as alone at the same time by taking advantage of the bundle option on theLotter.

To play a lottery, you simply click on the “play” button and choose your numbers on the play slips. Play slips are interactive and clicking on a number marks that number for you. You also have the “quick pick” option written on top of the play slip. You can use this option to generate the numbers for you randomly. You can also take advantage of some discounts by entering into multiple draws. For example, if you choose to enter into 10 draws while purchasing your tickets, you can get a huge 20% discount on your purchase. You also have the subscription option in which you can get your every 10th ticket for free.

Is It Safe to Play Lottery with TheLotter?

Of course, when it comes to opening an online account and providing your personal information online, you want to know if doing so would be safe. You will be glad to know that theLotter puts special emphasis on this factor. There are three ways the company proves that it is a perfectly safe platform for any lottery player from any part of the world.

Security Layer on Website

The first thing you want to know about any website in the world is that it is encrypting your information as you provide it. If there is no encryption, some snooper might steal your information as you provide it on the website. TheLotter is no shy to talk about its 128-bit SSL protocol on the website that secures your information from any unauthorized parties.

The Money Back Guaranty

This is something you don’t often find on any lottery websites. They will never offer you any refunds for the money you have deposited in your account. On the other hand, theLotter proves that it cares more about its customers than anything else. There is a bold claim on the website that if you are not pleased with the services of the theLotter, you can ask for a refund of your money straight away.

Scanned and Stamped Ticket

It can get suspicious if a company tells you that it has bought your ticket but you can’t see it. That’s not the case when you purchase your lottery tickets with theLotter. The company not only buys the ticket for you but also scans it so you can see an actual image of it on your online account. You can always check the ticket for any stamps and authenticity indicators.

Deposits and Withdrawals

When you have a company dealing with customers from around the world, you expect a lot from the banking side. You don’t want to create new accounts with new payment services only so you can be able to put money in your online account with the lottery company. TheLotter does its best to offer you all the best options to deposit funds in your accounts and withdraw funds whenever you want. First, you should rest assured that all the information you will provide on the website will be secured with 128-bit SSL. The list of options you can use to deposit funds in your account is huge.

The best thing is that with most of the methods you use, there is no limit on how much you have to deposit, so you can deposit any amount. The deposit options include the major cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, Discover etc. You also have the e-payment options available so you can deposit the funds without visiting the bank. Bank transfer option is also available. Keep in mind that you can make your deposits using nine different currencies.  When it comes to the Diners Club, Visa, and MasterCard credit cards, you can deposit funds using any of the nine currencies.

Even the withdrawal options are many so you can pick the one that best suits your needs. You can withdraw funds from your account using the four major credit cards. You can also use services like Skrill and Neteller. Of course, you have the bank transfer option available for withdrawals too. The best thing is that other than the bank transfer option, you can enjoy free withdrawals with all other methods. You can see that with these many options, you can go with the payment service that you trust the most.

Customer Service and Support

When you are dealing with a company that happens to be the pioneer of a particular service, you can expect top notch customer service and support from them. That’s exactly the case with theLotter. It won’t be wrong to say that among all the online lottery websites, theLotter has the best customer service. First of all, the website is informative enough to answer more than half of your questions about lotteries, banking, etc. The banking page is as detailed as you would want it to be. You can know the deposit and withdrawals options you have available, the maximum and minimum limits, commissions, etc. on that page.

You also have a detailed FAQ section on the website, which is undoubtedly the most detailed FAQ section you can find on a lottery website. If you don’t find your answers in the FAQs, which is very unlikely, you can use other means of contact. The fastest way to contact is live chat and that option is available too. If you want to email, you can send an email with your inquiry. There is also a phone number for you to talk to someone about your issues. There are toll free numbers available for these countries: Russia, South Africa, the UK, France, Ukraine, Germany, and Australia. The best thing is that you can ask your questions in 13 different languages and you will still get detailed answers. Even the live chat is available in 14 languages.

The company commits that it will respond to your emails within 24 hours. What’s even better is that you can contact the company using the most modern ways. When you have a question, you can access the theLotter representatives via Telegram, Messenger, Vyber, and WhatsApp. There should be no doubt in your mind about the fact that the theLotter customer service is one of the best customer services in the industry today. Most important of all, you receive such great customer service 24/7.

Top Reasons Why People Pick TheLotter

Here are the theLotter features that make it stand out as a lottery company among others and attract thousands of customers every month to its platform.

1. It Offers Security

The first thing that matters to any online lottery player is security. Security has to be in many forms. First, you want the security of your information. Secondly, you want the security of your money. Thirdly, you want the security that if you don’t like something, you would be able to go back without any penalties. TheLotter approaches all of these problems in the best way possible. When it comes to the security of information and money, it offers the GeoTrust 128-bit security on its website. This means you can provide your personal information on the website without worrying about anyone accessing your information.

What if you deposit the funds in your account, buy a few tickets and don’t like the service at the end? Usually, you would think that you will have to pay some sort of penalty for canceling your subscription or account with the company. That’s not the case with theLotter. Here, the company gives you the freedom to ask for a refund if you don’t like the service. This is the confidence of a company that has been the first to provide the lottery ticket services online. Furthermore, the company gives you a scanned copy of the ticket that you can see through your online portal whenever you want. You should have the peace of mind that you actually own the ticket you have purchased online and theLotter gives you that.

2. It Has a Great Customer Service

When you are dealing with a company that is not even located in your area, you want their customer service to be great. You can imagine the frustration you will have to go through if you have an issue and there is no one to pick up your call or answer your emails. Sometimes, when you can’t get an answer on the phone, you want to contact the company using a different channel. With theLotter, you have many channels to contact the company. If you think emails are going to be slow, you can pick up the phone and dial one of the toll free numbers of the company.

In addition to that, you have the live chat right on the website. This is the fastest way of getting answers to your questions. A live agent will provide you with whatever assistance you need as soon as you land on the website. There is nothing better than knowing that someone will always be there to help you when you are in need. That’s the kind of satisfaction that theLotter offers with its 24/7 customer service. You must not overlook the information that’s already available on the website. There is a huge FAQs section that can answer just about any question that you might have about the company, its services or your account.

The lottery information is on the website. The banking information is available in the form of charts so you should not have confusions about how you can withdraw and deposit the money.

3. It Offers the Best and the Biggest Jackpots

You don’t have to sign up with 10 different websites if you want to play the best lotteries of the world. You will love and appreciate the fact that there are more than 50 lottery jackpots to choose from when you are on the theLotter website. Almost any other website will offer you Powerball, MegaMillions, SuperEnalotto, EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, etc. jackpots. That’s because these lotteries are famous around the world. But what if you want to try some other lotteries that are not that famous? Perhaps, you want to participate in those lotteries because of the odds. One must remember that the biggest lotteries stated above have very high odds.

While these high odds mean that your payouts will be huge, they also mean that winning the jackpot will be quite a mission. On the other hand, fewer odds might offer smaller jackpot but you have great chances of winning too. So, some of the jackpots that you would usually not find on other lottery websites include the following.

  • Japan Loto 7
  • Vikinglotto
  • MillionDay
  • Dupla Sena
  • Take 5
  • Dia de Sorte
  • Melate Retro

Oftentimes, these lotteries are not available on lottery websites. Even if one is available, some others are missing. You can find the best, the biggest and even these lotteries all in one place on theLotter. By no means are these lotteries. They can still win you hundreds of thousands of dollars or even make millionaire.

4. It Is a Mobile Platform Too

Research some other lottery websites and you will know that many of them do not have their mobile applications. Some website claim that they are on mobile too but they only offer a web-based experience on the smartphones and tablets as well. For anyone who has used a smartphone, they know that an application is almost always faster than a web-based interface. For the convenience of its players, theLotter has created its own mobile application as well. One thing that theLotter never does is make half-hearted attempts. With other lottery websites, you either have Android app with iOS version coming soon or iOS version with Android version coming soon.

TheLotter has made its application available to you on iOS and Android platforms both. There are many benefits to having a mobile application from your lottery service provider. First, you can purchase your tickets on the go. Secondly, the notifications are fast when you win something. TheLotter can send you notifications of your wins not only on your email but as a text message on your mobile as well. This ensures that you never miss the news of you winning millions of dollars. You have to keep in mind that there are only limited days within which you can claim your prize. After that duration expires, you can’t claim your prize again.

In addition to the iPhone and Android app, theLotter has designed its app for iPad as well. These applications are optimized for their respective platforms to provide you with the smoothest and most user-friendly experience of participating in a lottery.

5. It Has Made Winners

Think about it, would you go to a lawyer to fight your case if his/her track record shows that he/she has never won a case? That example might be a little exaggeration of the situation but it conveys the idea well. The thing is, you want to sign up with a lottery company that has made winners in the past. If a company has been around for 15 years but no one has ever won anything big through its platform, it will put suspicion in your mind about this company. Believe it or not, there are many companies that claim to be the best but they haven’t given the world a single big winner.

TheLotter definitely has a lot to boast about. It has made some huge winners during its tenure of 16 years. The proudest moment for the company was when the women from Panama who used the theLotter platform to participate in Florida Lotto ended up winning $30 million. This win has been the biggest achievement for the company so far. However, this is not the only proud moment for theLotter. Another theLotter player who got lucky was a winner from Iraq. This Iraqi winner was taking part in Oregon Megabucks and ended up taking home a whopping $6.4 million.

What’s more interesting is that these winners have won the jackpots in the recent history. Just in 2016, theLotter gave the world some huge winners e.g. the guy who won $1 million playing US Powerball, the winner who took home €824,000 playing Austria Lotto, and another winner who won the second prize in the US Powerball and got $1 million. Another girl won $1 million playing Powerball (US) using the theLotter platform. Of course, these many winners are the emblems of achievement for a lottery platform and an attraction for new players to sign up.

Rating the Various TheLotter Features

Website 4.9/5

The website is tremendously informative and leaves virtually no need for players to call the customer service for any questions. It is rich with information and still maintains a very clean look and feel. It loads pretty fast too.

Jackpots 5/5

It will be hard for you to name a big jackpot that’s not available on theLotter. TheLotter brings the best of Europe, Australia, the US, Brazil, and many other countries to you in one place.

The Platform 5/5

You can’t take away any points because the overall experience on the platform is so smooth. Not to mention, you have an iOS, Android and iPad application as well. You don’t have to deal with the slow web-based platform on your mobile devices.

Discounts 3.5/5

This is one area where theLotter can make a lot of improvement. While there are discounts available for taking part in multiple draws and going with the bundle options, there aren’t any significantly attractive promotions for new players. Some other lottery websites do have attractive promotions for their new players in the form of cashbacks and deposit bonuses.

Customer Support 5/5

You can’t take away any points here no matter how hard you try. The company has given its players FAQs, telephone lines, web forms, an email address, and a live chat option to have their questions answered. The customer support is there 24/7, and there is nothing more you could ask for.

Security 5/5

Again, when you look at the security features, you can feel that the company has done its best to give its players the peace of mind. From SSL encryption to scanned copy of the ticket and the option to get a refund for not liking the service make theLotter quite a secure platform.

Overall Experience 4.9/5

It is nearly a flawless experience to use the theLotter platform for purchasing tickets of lotteries from all over the world. The ticket purchasing experience is smooth, the play slips are interactive, the bill is visible as you select the lines, etc.

Final Thoughts

If you want to know how good a service is, you have to notice how many reasons you can give in its favor to convince someone to use it. In the case of theLotter, you can give many. TheLotter is safe, secure, modern, smooth, and user friendly whether you look at its website or the mobile application. It is the pioneer of the lottery ticket service and it has definitely maintained the top spot even after 16 years due to its dedication to providing it customers an uncompromised service.

Last updated on 10th of November 2018
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