Play California SuperLotto Plus Online

Play SuperLotto Plus From Abroad / Overseas

SuperLotto Plus lotteries have been traditionally played by buying tickets from a retail store and buying a ticket, however, the internet is changing the way we play California SuperLotto plus. Today we look at how to play California SuperLotto Plus online.


California SuperLotto Plus Mega Number

The California SuperLottoPlus Mega Number is an additional number that you get when you buy your ticket(s). It is made up of a number between 1 and 27.

California SuperLotto Plus Jackpot

The California SuperLottoPlus Jackpot is won when the ticket holder matches all six winning numbers. The amount of money that you win depends on the amount of numbers you match. Aside from the California SuperLottoPlus Mega Number, the other five numbers are made up of numbers between 1 and 47. The current record jackpot stands at $193,000,000.

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How to Buy SuperLotto Plus Tickets Online

Playing California SuperLottoPlus Online is simple and efficient. There are 4 main steps involved when playing online.

  1. Choose the Lottery – Since most websites offer numerous different types of lotteries from all over the world, go ahead and choose the option to play California SuperLottoPlus Online.
  2. The website will buy an official lottery ticket on your behalf.
  3. After purchasing the ticket, the website will scan the ticket and mail it to you on a secure online account.
  4. In addition to mailing you the ticket, the website will send notification emails straight into your inbox, such as winning notifications.

California SuperLotto Plus Rules and Regulations

  1. Prizes

The California SuperLotto Plus offers five players an opportunity of each player winning a prize of $15,000 as well as a chance at winning on the 2nd Chance drawing.

  1. Codes

Players of the California SuperLotto Plus can submit codes up to 500 times during a calendar month.

  1. Odds

Odds of winning the California SuperLotto Plus lottery depend on the amount of entries received as well as the amount of entries submitted by a player. A draw will guarantee only one winning prize. Therefore, players cannot win numerous prizes in a single draw.

  1. Eligibility for Participation

Players must have attained the age of 18 years or older before they participate in the California SuperLotto Plus lottery. Players wishing to participate in the 2nd Chance drawings are required to register on the lottery’s website.

  1. Winning the Lottery

California SuperLotto Plus lottery will select winners on a random basis as per the qualified entries each week. Names of winners of California’s SuperLotto Plus lottery will be posted on the lottery’s website. Claiming winnings will mandate the winner to submit a Claim Form as per the procedures stipulated in the lottery’s rules and regulations.

Play California SuperLotto Plus online today and stand a chance of winning the jackpot!