Greece Powerball – Buy Official Tickets for Greece Joker

Play Greece Joker (Also Known as Greece Powerball) Lottery Online

Greece Joker Lotto was launched back in 1997 on 16th November. The lotto was developed to match the Powerball results in the United States. Play Greece Joker Lottery is a pompous lottery niche in Greece and all over the world. Players who partake in this lottery have the chance of winning a none-caped jackpot! The jackpot is not the only price up for grabs as there are several more secondary prizes.

Greece Powerball Rules

greece-powerballPlayers who play Greece Joker Lottery Online are given the chance to pick five numbers ranging from nos. 1-45. Players also get to select an additional no; that varies between 1 and 20.

Play Greece Joker Lottery Online together with Greek LOTTO are the nation’s leading lotteries under the jurisdiction of the Greek National Lottery. People across the world love participating in this lotto since the jackpot has no limits.

If there’s no winner, the money gets rolled over to the next draw and this continues until a player matches the entire lottery winning numbers combination. The principal of rolling over the jackpot to the next draw sees the amount grow into millions.

Greece Powerball Draws

Greek Joker Lotto draws happens twice every week. The draw is done every Thursday and Sunday the local time being 9.00pm (UTC +3). Try your luck by clicking on Play Greece Joker Lottery Online and enhance your chances of becoming a millionaire. Follow the guidelines and do a little research before you try your luck. The information you gather will help your odds at cracking the jackpot!