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22lottery Review


At first glance seems like a lottery themed website with 3 different lottery games, a $22,000,000 Mega Draw, a $500 Daily Draw and Special Bonus Offers. The thing that puts me off from the very beginning is that there is almost not information at all about the games, other then the fact that there are apparently FREE which is also very suspicious but more on that later.

So they want you to pick 5 numbers and enter your email, agree to the terms and services and click continue. As they really have not gained my trust yet at the moment I am putting in a fake email to test this and see what happens.

Register To Find Out More?

After picking 5 numbers and adding an email it takes us to a page that asks for more of our personal info, this may seem just fine but let’s see what happens after we give them out address and phone number. Will We Win Money?

After adding a fake email and phone number again they take you to a page that says:

Thank You For Registering! Thank you for registering with 22Lottery!

An E-mail containing a verification code has been sent to your E-Mail address.

Please click on the link mentioned in that E-mail to verify your e-mail address and participate in the draw.

Good Luck! 22Lottery Team! 

It is Probably A Scam! These Are The Big Red Flags:

This means that they want us to use a real email address or we can’t go any further. Well due to the fact that we don’t believe at all in ANY types of FREE LOTTERY schemes and websites, we will not be trying this, but the fact that they do not give you ANY information at all and want you to first give them all of your personal information before you get to even know what they are all about is very suspicious.

The fact that they say they are giving out millions of dollars for FREE is a big RED FLAG.

Remember that there is no such thing as a free lottery. Many scams and fraudsters have stolen money from innocent people by portraying to be the informer of a big lottery win, when the victim never even bought any ticket. if you look in you email spam folder you will probably find lots of fake lottery winner emails. But is 22lottery also a scam?

Definitely Not Recommended

Although we can not say for sure %100 that they are a scam, we would not recommend giving your personal information including email and phone number to a website that is portraying to give out millions of dollars for absolutely %100 free.

A website that give you no information at all about the rules of the game or about how it works unless you first sign up and give them your personal information is the second mistake that they made – which eventually brings me to the conclusion that 22lottery is probably a SCAM.

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