A Lucky Woman from Prince George Wins $100,000 from Powerball


As always, the Virginia Lottery is back with huge announcements around the winnings of the lottery prizes. This time, the VA Lottery is here to tell the story of a blessed woman who is a resident of Prince George.

The lottery officials are excited to share the details and information about the player that has won the huge prize. The name of the fortunate woman from Prince George is Tammie McNealy who had decided to go for the Powerball lottery game.

Whether it was the game or the draw date, but something out of her decision worked out and she won a huge prize as a result. The draw that the player had purchased the Powerball ticket for was to be held on January 13, 2021.

From the draw, the player was able to match only the four numbers plus the power ball. If she had matched all five lucky numbers plus the power ball, McNealy would have ended up winning the jackpot prize.

Unfortunately, the player did not manage to match all five of the primary numbers but she was still lucky enough to have match the first four and the power ball. The outcome for matching the numbers was that McNealy ended up winning prize money of $100,000.

The officials have confirmed that initially, the prize won by the player for matching the numbers was $50,000. But to the player’s sheer luck and fortune, she had paid an extra dollar and had opted for the Power Play option with 2 multipliers.

So as the player won the prize of $50,000, it got doubled and she ended up winning a total of $100,000.

The VA Lottery officials also shared the name “Wawa” of the store that had sold the lucky ticket with the multiplier. The lucky store is located at 907 Colonial Corner Drive (Hopewell).

The officials have revealed that the numbers that were taken out on the draw night were: 25-49-23-4-19 and 14 was the power ball number that was taken out.

The lottery officials also had the opportunity to speak with Tammie McNealy and know her story that led to the win. The player informed that she has been playing lottery games powered by the VA Lottery for some time. Most of the time, she went for the instant scratch cards because of their instant nature and she did not have to wait for the draw to take place.

However, she had hardly ever found any luck in those games so she decided to go big this time and purchase a Powerball ticket. To her surprise, that decision turned out to be in her favor and now she is $100,000 richer.

The player stated that for now, the first thing on her mind is to clear out her mortgages from the money she has won. After that, she is going to decide as to how much she is going to use and how much she is going to save.

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