A Lucky Woman from South Brisbane Wins $1,000,000 from Gold Lotto


The Lott, one of the most prominent lottery games from Australia is here to share the news of a woman from South Brisbane. The lottery team has revealed that the lucky woman from South Brisbane has won a million-dollar prize playing one of its most played games.

The Lott officials have revealed that the lucky woman had participated in the Gold Lotto game powered by the operator. The lucky woman won the division one prize money from the Gold Lotto game and won a $1,000,000 prize.

The officials have revealed that the South Brisbane woman had participated in the draw for the Gold Lotto that was held on Wednesday, May 26, 2021.

The player had won the division one prize playing the Gold Lotto, taking home a million dollars in return. The Gold Lotto is a widely played lottery game offered by the Lott and draws for the game are held on Mondays and Wednesdays.

According to the player, it was the best phone call she had received for the year 2021. All of a sudden, all her worries and negative thoughts were gone, as she could see things very clearly. For the player, she had lost all hope, which ended up returning to her with the win.

The player informed the officials that it is her daily routine to drive and drop her kids at school. Therefore, she tends to visit the Tobacco Shop Coorparoo on her way to home every now and then to purchase lottery tickets.

The particular store the South Brisbane visits on a daily basis is located at 19 Harris Road, Coorparoo. According to the player, she prefers playing the Saturday Lotto over any other games powered by the Lott. However, this time, she decided to go for the Gold Lotto that had a huge jackpot prize advertised on the panel.

She thought of giving it a shot and thought to herself jokingly that she would end up winning the $1,000,000 prize. She had purchased the particular Gold Lotto ticket on Tuesday, May 25, 2021, thinking she would check it after a few days.

However, as she was driving her kids to the school the next day, as usual, she received a phone call from the Lott. The operator on the other side asked her to pull over at a safe spot stating they had news to share with her.

The player informed the officials that it was for the first time she started shaking due to lottery games. As she pulled over, the operator told her about the $1,000,000 win and she completely lost it. The player informed the officials that she started crying and hugging all her kids.

She decided to drop her kids at the school and then visit her husband’s house to break the big news to him. The player informed that before doing anything, the first thing on her mind is purchasing a new house.

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