A Steelworker in Indiana County Wins $3M in Pennsylvania Lottery


A win on the scratch-off lottery ticket, Monopoly 100X has made a furloughed steelworker a millionaire overnight. As Randy Lytle at 30 acquires $3 million on the lottery scratch-off, he still cannot believe his luck.

Randy who is from Robinson, Indiana County purchased the ticket from a grocery store Giant Eagle in Ligonier. In a new release, the winner revealed that it was for another lottery win that he was at the store. He had earlier won $1,000 at Sheetz store and the Ligonier Giant Eagle in was the closest branch that could encash the $1,000. Had it not been for this earlier win, he would have never come across the winning Monopoly 100X ticket from the store.

While walking out of the store after cashing the $1,000 winning ticket he bought the scratch-off ticket from a machine. While in the parking of the Giant Eagle store only Lytle scratched off his ticket along with his fiancée who was with him. As they scratched the ticket both were in disbelief at what they saw under the UV ink. While both were beyond shocked, Lytle still thinks that his fiancée believed the win more than him.

Lytle who has grown up in Fayette County immediately called his mother to deliver her the news. His mother who lives in the Uniontown area got extremely happy by what was revealed to her. However, his mother Patty Lytle initially thought that her son was lying and pranking her.

The winner’s entire family including his elder brother, mother, finance, and his 10 years old son gathered at the store to celebrate. There is nothing better than celebrating a jackpot win with the people you are closest to and who are dearest to you. Some lottery officials also gathered with Lytle outside the store that sold the winning ticket.

Even after celebrating with everyone, Lytle is still in denial and not able to digest the fact that he has won.

Lytle has very intelligently decided to invest most of his winnings. This way he can save a large portion of the windfall while earning profits, meaning thereby that over time his winnings will multiply. With a fellow miner worker Donnie he wants to start a business now that has the finances to invest. He is not sure about the prospects but he is definitely thinking about business investments since there is no monetary constraint anymore.

He also plans to buy a new house for his mother with a portion of his winnings. Keeping his son Hunter’s future in mind he wishes to save a portion of the windfall for his college education. Apart from this, he also wants to go on a vacation with the money that he has won.

The Giant Eagle store also got a sum of $10,000 as commission for vending the lucky scratch-off ticket.

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