After A Week Another Man From Fort Lauderdale Wins State Lotto’s Top Prize Of US$ 2 Million from Florida Lottery


The results of a lottery in Fort Lauderdale reveals a person winning US$ 2 Million before Christmas.

This is the Christmas season as well as the New Year. What is most common these days is the announcements of results for multiple lotteries. Every day there is a lucky winner posing with his or her big cheque in a picture appearing in local newspapers. Since it is Christmas therefore the prize monies and quantities have been doubled by many lotteries.

Taking a look a South Florida’s famous lottery, the results for top prize were announced lately. The results revealed that a person residing in Fort Lauderdale had successfully scooped a life-changing prize money. It was informed that the top prize won by the lucky winner was comprised of 2 million dollars.

It was revealed by lotto’s office that a person named Genner Hernandez who is aged 44 won the top prize. It was told that the scratch-off lotto ticket only cost him US$ 10 but the money he had won is beyond his imagination. Hernandez had bought the winning ticket with 100x option which he purchased from a retailer at Star K near his vicinity.

However, the prize money was not supposed to be handed over to Hernandez at once. As per rules of lotto it is totally upto the winner if he wished to take entire sum at once. It was informed by an official of lotto that Hernandez took that option wanted all the money in one go. An amount of US$ 1,605,000 was then handed over to Hernandez in lump sum.

Interestingly, there are rewards for not only the winners but for those who contributed in their winning. In case someone wins a lottery then the authorized retailer who had sold the winning ticket too is rewarded. The amount of prize money to be given to the retailer is determined on the basis of principal amount of money won by the winner. In this case because ticket was sold by a retailer at Star K therefore Star K retailer too scooped US$4,000. This reward money is accredited to the retailer as bonus commission.

The lotto’s official further revealed that within this month alone this is second winning from Fort Lauderdale.

It was told that only a week ago, a senior citizen of Fort Lauderdale had been able to win US$ 5 Million. The 68-year-old man too had won the top prize through a scratch-off. The official also stated that in the last draw, lotto managed to raise educational funds of about US$ 1 Billion. It was told that the fund will be deposited in Florida’s Educational Enhancement Trust Fund.

The official further told that the State Lotto is committed to provide greater rewards in the future. Furthermore, lotto is passionate about raising more funds for ensuring an educated society within the state.

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