Five Lucky Take 5 Lottery Players Win $38,837.5 in Total


The New York Lottery is here with a huge announcement for your entertainment. The lottery officials at the New York Lottery have revealed that this time, they have several announcements to make for the same draw and same prize money.

According to the officials, it is the same prize money that has been won by several players. Therefore, the players will have to distribute their prize money and share joy and happiness.

The lottery team has revealed that a total of five players have won prize money playing the Take 5 game. It is the same draw that has helped the players win prize money worth $38,837.5.

According to the New York Lottery officials, the players had participated in the same lottery draw for the Take 5 game. The draw for the particular Take 5 game had taken place back on Sunday, October 3, 2021. The lottery team has revealed that the draw took place at midday.

The team has revealed that the winners are from five different areas in New York.

The first winner is from Syracuse, the second winner is from Rochester, the third winner is from Rosedale, the fourth winner is from Mineola, and the fifth winner is from Sherman.

The officials have revealed that the players have not made an appearance to claim their prize money. However, the winners usually take a week’s time to show up and claim their prize money. Therefore, the officials are okay with the winners not showing up at the moment.

The lottery team has revealed that the amount for the top prize money for the particular Take 5 lottery game was $38,837.50. However, as five different players won the top prize money, each winner ended up winning $7,767.50.

The first player had reportedly purchased the top prize-winning ticket from Kinney Drugs store. The second player had purchased the ticket from CFM No. 33-054. The third player had purchased the ticket from Ramar Food Center. The fourth player had purchased the ticket from Mineola Some & Card store. The fifth player purchased the ticket from the S&B Joy store.

The Kinney Drugs store is located at 307 Nottingham Road, Syracuse. The CFM No. 33-054 is located at 1430 North Clinton Avenue, Rochester. The Ramar Food Center is located at 144-05 243rd Street, Rosedale. The Mineola Smoke & Card is located at 428 Jericho Turnpike, Mineola. The S&B Joy is located at 177 West Main Street, Sherman.

It is one of the rarest wins that have been announced by the New York Lottery officials that five players are sharing the same prize money. The players have an ample amount of time to show up and claim their prizes.

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