Florida Lotto Announces Winners of Bucks, Trucks, and Trips Promotion


As per the latest reports, the Florida Lotto has announced the details around the winners of the Bucks, Trucks, and Trips Promotion! According to the details, this is the second drawing for the particular promotion. Altogether, there are three draws for the Bucks, Trucks, and Trips Promotion!

It is one of the most prominent and highly demanded promotions powered by the Florida Lotto. The Florida Lotto is always eager to provide new and different opportunities to players. When it comes to Florida Lotto, it is always bringing something new to the table for the lottery enthusiasts.

It currently offers dozens of lottery draw as well as scratch card/instant games. Still, it has added yet another game in the form of promotion. Through the particular promotion, the winners not only win cash prizes but also get their hands of cars and pickup trucks.

The Florida Lotto officials have revealed that there is only one top prize winner for the particular draw. That lucky winner is going to drive home a brand new pickup truck that is from the US-based car manufacturing giant, Ford. The name of the particular vehicle is Ford F-150. The vehicle belongs to the pickup truck category and it is the 2021 model that the player be getting her hands on.

Then there are two players who have successfully won the second prize for the particular draw. The reward the players are going to get includes a Cayman Islands trip under the VIP classification. The lucky second prize winners would also be getting the opportunity to meet with Guy Harvey at the Cayman Islands.

Then there are forty different players that have successfully won third prizes from the particular promotion. As per the lottery officials, each third prize winner is going to get their hands on $1,000 prize money from the Florida Lotto.

The Florida Lotto has also shared the details around the first prize winner and the second prize winners who participated in the second draw.

The name of the first prize winner from the particular promotion was Lisa Smith. Lisa Smith is a resident from Fort Myers, and she is going to take home a Ford Pickup Truck, which would be the latest model for the year 2021. The name of the particular vehicle is the Ford F-150 pickup truck.

Then there are the second prize winners, where the name of the first winner is Barbara Martinuzzi and the second winner is Ken Maxwell. Barbara Martinuzzi is from Crystal River and Ken Maxwell is from Williston.

Following the successful conclusion of the second draw for the Bucks, Trucks, and Trips Promotion, the third draw is underway. It is set to take place on August 2 and once again, the lucky winners would have the opportunity to win pickup trucks, trips, and cash prizes.

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