What Will Happen to $1.3B Mega Millions Jackpot if There’s No One to Claim it?


It’s been a weak since a Mega Millions ticket that was sold in Illinois got picked for the 3rd largest jackpot ever, and the person who won has still not come forward to claim their prize worth $1.337 billion.

Harold Mays, Illinois Lottery Director, said in a statement this Friday that for a prize of this scale, there’s nothing unusual when winner takes this while to claim their prize. He said he is sure they’ll go through a series of emotions.

What if No One Claims

If no one comes forward to claim the prize during the fixed 12-month, each state which took part in the game is going to get all the funds it paid to the unclaimed jackpot. As per the Illinois Lottery, every state could use its unclaimed lottery money for several purposes.

The winner still has enough time to claim their prize, but they only have sixty days to select between the annual or cash payment choices. Since the numbers that won — 13..36..45..57..67, and Mega Ball: 14 — had been drawn last Friday, lucky winner now only has fifty three days to decide.

Annuity or Cash

The prize of $1.337 billion is going be paid every year for more than 29 years in case the winner selects the annual option. If they opt for cash, an estimated $780.5 million will be paid in cash.

The Illinois Lottery lets winners appeal anonymity if the won prize is higher than $250K, which surely is applied in this case. Winner might request to keep their municipality of residence and even name confidential when claiming their prize.

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