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Most of the leading online lottery websites have an affiliate program. There are also a couple of affiliate programs that work with more than one brand. The biggest and strongest affiliate program that has hundreds of active affiliates is currently “MyLotto” they were in the past the official program of “theLotter” services, if you want to be an affiliate for “theLotter” you will have to open an account with “TheLotter Affiliates“, “MyLotto” have started their own brand now called

What is The Best Online lottery Affiliate Program?

These Are The Lottery Affiliate Programs That We Can Tell you About at the Moment


LottoAgent – The “LottoLucker” online lottery affiliate program pays its affiliates, they work mainly by %12-%20 rev-share and are good at converting leads. Also here if you send in LOTS of leads you can make a lot of money. Payments are made via “paypal”. Their affiliate manager is polite and answers questions fast, very helpful too. The “LottoAgent” creatives are top notch.


LottoElite – “LottoElite” online lottery affiliates is the affiliate program for LottoLucker and the new LottoKings brand (used to be CongaLotto) we highly recommend them! Alwyas pay on time and great and converting leads into sales. The “LottoElite” creatives are top notch.

lottosend_logoLottoSend – We really like the LottoSend affiliate program, they pay up to $70 CPA commission and are great at managing their affiliates. They are very good at converting leads and will convert leads from pretty much any country in the world, all you have to do is send them the traffic! Their affiliate program is high quality with top notch landing pages and creatives and they also have the best promotions on the web.

TheLotter Affiliates

TheLotter Affiliates – “TheLotter” online lottery affiliates is the affiliate program of TheLotter, one of the strongest if not THE best online lottery ticket provider. We have been working with them for a while now and highly recommend them. They too always pay on time and are great for making money online! The “TheLotter Affiliates” creatives are top notch.


MyLotto – It seems that “MyLotto” online lottery affiliates (affiliate program of is probably the best, they do not pay CPA though, but they only pay %20 rev-share, which can come out to a lot of money only if you bring in LOTS of big spending players. If you bring in for example $10,000 per month from players, you will get a commission of $1,500. In order to bring in that much money from lottery players you will need to be able to bring in thousands of leads per month. The average lead conversion in the online lotto industry is about 1 conversion for every 15 leads. When the leads are good. Most players will only deposit $15-$20. this is why you will have to bring in thousands of leads. “MyLotto” always pays on time, payments are made via “pay pal” or wire transfer. The “MyLotto” creatives are top notch.


IceLotto – The “IceLotto” online lottery affiliate program is awesome. “IceLotto” has a very strong sales technique and knows how to convert leads. They usually pay on time and can make bank wire transfers. being an “IceLotto” affiliate can be worth your while as they pay between $65 to $75 CPA without any issues when the player has made a minimum deposit and sometimes even when the player as deposited less than the minimum required, they will still give the full CPA. Most of their creatives are high quality. Most importantly, they pay their affiliates! Also here if you send in LOTS of leads you can make a lot of money. The “IceLotto” creatives are top notch.


LottoBooker – “LottoBooker” online lottery affiliates has a bit of a problem with converting leads. They pay a high CPA of $75 and have good creatives but they do not know how to convert leads in an effective manner! This is a big problem as not being able to convert leads means that the affiliate will not make enough money. Do they pay? Yes they make payments in full and on time! The “LottoBooker” creatives are top notch.

lottoministryLottoMinistry – The affiliate program of “LottoLucker“. They offer 3 different models of cooperation: 1. RevShare: 50% from first time deposits and 30% from all next deposits. All countries accepted. They sell packages of worth $5000. So your share from first deposit will be $2500. 2. CPA model: LottoMinistry pay $70 for first deposit from tier1 countries. 3. Pay Per Call: payout $10 per qualified call. You get the payout, if call duration reaches 40 seconds. Working flow: user make a registration with the phone number of customer, and then we call to this customer. If user reached by phone and conversation with the customer is 40+ seconds, then you will get the payout. Conversion from registration to sale is around 33%, if traffic is targeted.

We will keep updating this article with more information about online lottery affiliate programs when we have new info.

Last updated on 13th of January 2017

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