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Formerly known as Lucky Lottos, Lotto247 has built up quite the reputation for inviting virtually anyone to participate. First licensed in Cyprus back in 2004, the company operates under the gaming authority of the island nation. The company itself has been a part of the online gaming scene for well over a decade and offers players a wide pool of gaming choices.  

You sign up, select a password, create your account, and use your email address as confirmation. At that point, you can start playing, selecting from the many lottery games that are available. Players from around the world use a variety of payment systems to set up and play.  


Lotto247 Pros & Cons 

There are numerous advantages when playing on, starting with the numerous languages that allows you to read the site. Currently, there are fourteen languages which means that players from around the world can take advantage of their services. Other pros include the following; 

Easy to Use: To navigate the site and find the different games and features is one of the best for any online lottery site. The system itself is not only easy to understand, but quite intuitive which means that you will be able to navigate in virtually no time to find what you want. 

Charge-Free Withdrawals: While does make the company plenty of money, they do not charge you for any withdrawals that you make. This means that what you have earned on the site can be withdrawn without any penalty, making it a handy feature for those who like to know what they have earned and that it can all be taken out without fees. 

However, while there is plenty to like about, there are a few caveats that you should be aware of before choosing them as your place to play. 

  • Poor Customer Support: It’s not that the customer support is non-existent, it’s just that they do not have a representative that you can talk to over the phone.
  • Not having a phone is quite annoying since being able to talk to someone is crucial when you run into an issue.
  • While the other customer services are fine, it would be nice if they had a rep to whom you could speak.  
  • Info on Winnings: Although the site is easy to navigate, the information available on the winnings themselves could be written in a clearer, more direct manner.
  • Whether this is just a poor translation or there are other factors involved, it would be better for to have clear, concise information about how winning is achieved.  

Lotto247 Verdict 

Despite the issues, remains one of the best online lottery sites. It’s easy to navigate, find a game, and play what you want thanks to the simple, straightforward approach. While their customer service could use a phone service, their security it top-notch and the site itself is well-governed which means that they are trustworthy and reliable.  

Considering how many online lotteries have come and gone since 2004, it is a testament to the quality, variety, and security of that they have retained their popularity through their excellent gaming platform.  

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