£1 Million Prize of EuroMillions Lottery Goes Unclaimed as Deadline Passes


A prize of a whopping £1 million that was won in the EuroMillions lottery draw has gone unclaimed. It is a fact that most people would want to claim their prize right away and get their winnings in their own account, but that did not apply to a lucky ticket holder in Doncaster.

No claim made

A special EuroMillions draw was conducted on January 21st, 2022 and it saw a ticket holder from Doncaster won the European Millionaire Maker prize worth £1,000,000. There were a 100 millionaires who were made in this particular draw, but the prize winner from South Yorkshire did not claim their prize.

They left their winnings unclaimed for more than 180 days and this means they can no longer claim their prize. The ticket had been purchased by the EuroMillions winner from Doncaster and July 20th, 2022 midnight was the last date that the winner could have claimed their prize.

The prize

All players of the National Lottery are given 180 days, which is around six months, to claim their prize from the day the draw occurs, as long as they have the winning ticket. If the prizes do not receive a valid claim in these 180 days, then it is still added to the £30 million, which is raised every week for funding the projects of the National Lottery.

Moreover, the interest that is generated from the unclaimed prize is also added. The funds are used for supporting a variety of causes. These include local charities that are making a difference, or helping the athletes of the nation. Up till now, about £46 billion has been raised for a variety of causes and individual grants of about £670,000 have been paid out.

The special draw

On January 21st of this year, the National Lottery held the special Millionaire Maker draw in the EuroMillions lottery that had guaranteed 100 millionaires spread across the countries where the lottery is played. 24 of the ticket holders who became millionaires in this draw were from the United Kingdom.

The Senior Winners’ adviser of the National Lottery, Andy Carter said that it was unfortunate for the winner from Doncaster to not come forward and claim their prize within the deadline. He said that they had now missed the opportunity to claim the prize. But, he said that the money would be used for a good cause.

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