Couple Buy Dream Home after Winning £3.6 Million Win


A mother scooped a whopping £3.6 million prize in the EuroMillions lottery and decided to celebrate her birthday by buying her dream home. Hailing from Morecambe, Lancashire, Helen and Lee Kuchczynski won the prize of £3,665,079.10 in the EuroMillions draw that was conducted on July 12th.

The purchases

On her 58th birthday, Helen decided to not go for her usual birthday treat and chose to make an offer on her dream home. The winner said that they had lived their entire married life on rent and they didn’t think it would change because they were getting close to retirement.

However, she said that Lady Luck had finally turned in their favor, so she purchased a detached house that comes with all the modern comforts you could expect. Instead of sitting in front of the television and eating Chinese takeaway, Helen fulfilled a big dream.

Her husband also got a little present, as he was able to buy an Audi RS4 Avant to replace his HGV. As far as their first purchases are concerned, the winners from Cumbria disclosed that Helen had bought two bags of cat litter after becoming a millionaire, while her husband had purchased a back-scratcher that cost £17.  

The journey

The life-changing journey for HGV driver Lee and Financial Administrator Helen had begun when the latter decided to purchase a Lucky Dip for the July 12th draw of the EuroMillions lottery. She disclosed that she plays the lottery online and had been disappointed to see the balance in her account was the usual 40p when she logged in to check the results.

She then checked it via the app to see if the balance was different, but it still showed the same balance. That’s when she decided to click on the message and discovered that it was £3,665,079.10. As she couldn’t believe it, she showed her phone to her daughter and told her that she had won a prize on the National Lottery, but might be mistaken about the decimal place.

She also said it could be a scam, so she wanted her daughter to check. The daughter saw the number, refreshed the app and when it did not change, she told her mother to call on the number as it seemed real.

Helen said that the phone lines had not been working, so they spent 20 minutes drinking coffee and wondering what her husband was going to say. Lee said that he works as an HGV driver, so he leaves home on Monday and returns Friday, which means they use the phone for sharing a lot of ups and downs in life.

He said that this was one call he would never forget. He said that he had finished a drop and was heading to the other one when the call came in and his wife asked him to pull over, as she had some shocking good news to share. Lee stated that a £3.6 million win had indeed been a shock.

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