Galway Player Becomes €1 Million Winner in the EuroMillions Lottery


After the EuroMillions draw on August 19th, Friday, a Galway resident woke up on Saturday to become the newest millionaire in Ireland.

The lucky player has now become €1 million richer, after they purchased the winning ticket in a newsagent in Galway.

‘Ireland Only Raffle’

It is the norm that a prize of €5,000 is given out to ten players from Ireland in every EuroMillions draw in the ‘Ireland Only Raffle’.

However, in the draw conducted on August 19th, the special raffle draw had seen an addition of €1 million.

Thus, there were nine players who won €5,000 each in the raffle, while there was one lucky player who walked away with €1 million.

The winning ticket had been sold on Friday i.e. the day of the draw in Galway in Costcutter, Bealadangan, Co.

I – NCR – 41927 is the winning raffle code for the ‘Ireland Only Raffle’ in the EuroMillions draw on Friday night, which resulted in a prize of €1,005,000.

The shop

This is not the first time that someone has managed to become a winner after buying a ticket at the shop.

Noel Daniels, the shop owner was over the moon to find out that his store has helped yet another player score a win.

He said that they were delighted to have another win in such a short time span. They had sold another winning ticket worth a million last November and were delighted.

He added that he hoped it was a local because they have loyal and regular customers. He said that he had taken over the business about a year ago.

The owner said that they were looking forward to the buzz it would create in the next few days and wished the winner the best with their prize.

Other wins

The Friday night’s draw of the EuroMillions lottery had seen a player from Wexford score a prize of €500,000.

It was a Quick Pick ticket that was sold in Wexford on the day of the draw in the Corrigan’s Spar Supermarket located on Main Street, Oulert, Gorey, Co.

The winning numbers that helped the player score the cool €500,000 in the EuroMillions Plus draw in Wexford were 08, 16, 17, 39 and 44.

All players were asked to check their tickets carefully. There were no winners for the jackpot for the day, which stood at about €77,782,771.

It has now rolled over for the next draw to be held on Tuesday, August 23rd and will be valued at €85 million.

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