Nine Residents in Hoo Have won £300,000 in People’s Postcode Lottery


This weekend, residents in Hoo are celebrating because they have managed to scoop up a prize of £300,000, thanks to the People’s Postcode Lottery. Today, ME3 9LH, which is their postcode, was announced a winner today and eight of the lucky residents were able to win £30,000 each. The ninth resident doubled their prize to £60,000, as they had decided to play with two tickets. The winners found out about their winning amount over video calls with the ambassador for the People’s Postcode Lottery, Judie McCourt.

The lucky player who netted £60,000 was 58 year old Michele Witham. She had been recently unemployed and was tearful when she found out exactly how much she had won. She said that it was amazing and unbelievable. She was extremely happy and said this news had made her entire year. Michele also disclosed that she had three daughters, two stepsons, and three grandchildren. She said that prize money would allow them to have a nice Christmas after they had had a horrible year. She added that she could barely talk because she had a lump in her throat.

When Michele received the call, her partner was at work, but she said she was going to surprise him with the news. She disclosed that he was the one who made dinner daily, but she was going to go out to buy a special dinner, along with his favorite wine, to make him wonder what was up.

Other winners included Sharon Griffin, a construction worker, who was shocked when she saw her £30,000 cheque. The 51-year old said that she had never imagined she would ever win. Sharon’s daughter was on the phone during the reveal and she explained how they would be spending the money. Sharon said that she would take her daughter out for a proper spa day and it would be great since she had her birthday the next week. Sharon received the call at work, so her colleagues were also excited. She noted that her colleagues were waiting for her, so they might have some champagne.

Patrick Speller, a 32-year old gas engineer received the call while he was at work and had to pull up his van in shock. He said she was amazed because it was going to change their lives. He is planning to use his winnings to take his family on a dream holiday. He said that he could take his daughter to Disney as she would love to do that. He added that he had told his wife he would be getting this call, but he didn’t know that he had won £30,000. He said the family was going to go out to dinner to celebrate.

Another winner Roy Croucher was with his wife when he found out about his winnings. His wife was also pleased and said they could help their family and also go on a holiday. 63-year old retired Roy said that he would put some of it into an account for his grandkids. The other five winners decided to stay anonymous.

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