A Grocery Shopping Day Makes a Lucky Man $100,000 Richer from Virginia Lottery


The Virginia Lottery is proud to reveal the details of another top prize winner for one of its most played and popular games. The VA lottery officials have congratulated the winner of the $100,000 prize and have wished him the very best of luck for his future life.

As always the VA Lottery officials are happy that they are contributing a lot to their country’s success and prosperity. The operator boasts that it has managed to turn many lottery players into rich people and even millionaires.

This is the reason why the VA Lottery is widely played by the citizens in the state as well as the country. The Virginia Lottery offers the players a lot of games and opportunities to win huge prizes and change their lives once and for all.

This time, the VA Lottery is revealing the story of Shawn Doran who is a resident of Hayes. Doran is now one of the luckiest in the entire city of Hayes. The player has managed to win a huge prize through one of the top games offered by the VA Lottery.

The VA Lottery has revealed that Doran had opted for Virginia’s New Year’s Millionaire Raffle, which resulted in him winning a prize of $100,000.

The lottery officials have revealed that the winner had purchased the ticket from the Food Lion store. The store is located at 425-A Wythe Creek Road (Poquoson).

The officials have revealed that the draw for the particular game was held right after New Year’s night. As a result, there were several prize winners revealed for the $100,000 prize and Doran was one of them.

The lottery officials got to know Doran’s story when he visited the lottery head office to claim the prize. The player informed that although he had purchased the ticket, he had completely forgotten about it. The player informed that he is a regular at the Food Lion store and always visits the store whenever he needs groceries for his house.

The player informed that while he was in the queue, his eyes stumbled upon the Virginia Lottery counter. That is when he got the idea of purchase the Millionaire Raffle ticket to try his luck and see what happens.

Doran stated that as he got home, he got busy taking care of his groceries and the idea completely skipped his mind because he was expecting guests and had to prepare food for them.

The player informed the officials that he did not remember the ticket until he visited the store again. That is when he again stumbled upon the display for the VA Lottery and remembered he had also purchased a ticket for it.

To his surprise, the player had won prize money of $100,000 from ticket #202728.

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