A Lucky Winner Missed a Number from Becoming a €206 Millionaire from EuroMillions


The EuroMillions Lottery has just revealed the story of a player who ended up winning a prize much small than what he could have won if he matched the last number. The EuroMillions Lottery, which is backed by the National Lottery has shared the details of the player who ended up winning a €177,571 prize.

According to the lottery officials, the ticket that the player had, ended up matching 5 numbers out of 6 plus the bonus ball. The draw for the particular game was held on February 19, 2021, and as a result, the player ended up winning €177,571.

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The EuroMillions Lottery officials have confirmed if the player had ended up matching all the numbers, he would be a huge millionaire by now. The jackpot prize that is currently on the line is for a whopping €206,564,757 figure.

The lottery officials have also revealed that the winner of the €177,571 prize had purchased the ticket from the Spar Shop. The Spar Shop is located at The Glen in Killygowan (Monaghan) and is now a hot spot for the lottery players to show up and purchase tickets.

According to the reports, the ticket that the customer chose was the Quick Pick ticket for the EuroMillions Lottery game. The numbers that were drawn on February 19, 2021, for the particular draw were 12, 04, 48, 46, 25, and the lucky stars were 12, 07. The ticket missed by 1 lucky star and if it had been matched, the player would have won a huge prize.

However, the layer is yet to appear before the lottery officials to claim the prize money. This is why the operator has requested for the EuroMillions Lottery players at the Killygowan area in Monaghan to check their tickets. The officials have stated that the lucky winner who won the €177,571 is in that particular area.

The officials have also requested the winner of the prize to sign the back of the prize-winning ticket as proof. Then he/she needs to get in touch with the National Lottery officials for further assistance. The National Lottery team will be making necessary arrangements and set up the timing for the winner to show up and claim his/her prize money.

In order to get in touch with the lottery officials, the player can contact National Lottery either via phone number 1800-666-222 or they can write an email at claims@lottery.ie.

Although there were a total of 116,000 prize winners announced for the EuroMillions game, yet there was no lucky player who could have won the jackpot prize.

As a result, the next draw for EuroMillions to be held on February 23, 2021, will now have a jackpot prize of €210 million.

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