A Woman from Norfolk Wins $150K from Playing Powerball


For centuries, people from around the world have been playing lottery games. The main reason behind the success of the lottery games is the ambition, the urge, and the hope that drives people into taking part in games.

Many people from around the world think that lottery games are nothing but hoaxes and made-up stories. They believe that lotteries have been created in order to fool people so they think that there are hopes of winning huge prizes.

This is what compels them to participate in lottery games and try their lucks while the games are fully rigged and even the winners are plotted.

If either of the above were true in nature, then the lottery games would not have survived for centuries. There are still lottery games that have been around for more than 4 centuries. This goes onto the prove that the lottery industry is indeed true and there are chances of people winning huge prizes

When it comes to top lottery games and operators from all around the world, the United States of America has no match. There are currently 44 states in the United States of America that are backing up their state-run lottery games.

Out of which, Virginia Lottery is considered to be the most prominent and widely played. The Virginia Lottery not only supports games that are launched by the operator itself but also supports private lotteries as well.

One of the most prominent lottery games supported by the Virginia Lottery through its platform is Powerball. With the help of the VA Lottery, the players in the Virginia State get the opportunity to become part of the second-largest lottery game in the world “Powerball”.

On a weekly basis, there are players emerging from all over the United States that find luck knocking on their doors. As a result, these players end up bagging huge prizes from the Powerball Lottery games. This time, the Powerball Lottery has yielded a player from the Virginia State and is going to share some of the player’s story for motivation.

The name of the player who won a $150,000 prize from the Powerball Lottery is Cornetta Banks who is a resident from Norfolk. According to the player, she went for the Powerball draw that was held back on January 6, 2021. Banks stated that she went for the game because it was for the $410 million jackpot and purchased the ticket from Tinee Giant.

The Tinee Giant store is located at 17777 Virginia Beach Boulevard (Virginia Beach).

From the particular Powerball draw, the player’s ticket was lucky enough to match 4 out of 5 lucky numbers as well as the Powerball number. Initially, the prize won by the winner was for $50k but as she had added the $1 Power Play option, her win was tripled and she ended up winning $150k.

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