A Lucky Singer from Bendigo Wins $1 Million through TattsLotto


One of the oldest and most demanded lottery games from Australia “The Lott” is here to share the story of a lucky woman who has won $1,000,000. According to the lottery officials, the lucky winner is a resident of Bendigo. She was able to mark her name in the list of hundred thousand dollar prizewinners by playing the TattsLotto game.

In Australia, the TattsLotto game under The Lott observes the same level of adoption and participation as the top lottery games being played in the United States and the United Kingdom.

There are millions of players currently playing the TattsLotto game and every week there are more people becoming millionaires and thousandaires.

This time, The Lott is bringing the story of a lucky woman from Bendigo who has won $1,000,000 winning the TattsLotto game.

According to the lottery officials, the lucky Bendigo woman had gone for the draw number 4147 for the TattsLotto game held on Saturday, April 17, 2021.

The lottery team has confirmed that playing the TattsLotto game, the player was able to name the division one prize under name bringing in a whopping $1,000,000 prize money to her bank account.

As a tradition, the lottery prize wins in Australia not liable for any federal or state taxes. So even if a player wins a billion-dollar through the Australian lottery, they get to keep every single penny of it. The winners are not liable to pay any taxes on their lottery prize wins in Australia.

Luckily for the Bendigo woman, she was one out of the five lucky players able to win the division one prize from the TattsLotto. The officials have confirmed that for the particular game, each division one prize winner managed to take home $1,145,653.60.

According to the Lott team contacting the player to inform her of the win, the player was extremely excited and started singing the moment they told her she had won the $1,000,000 prize.

The player informed the officials when the operator called her number and told her about the win, she could not believe she had won a million-dollar prize.

She was completely shocked to learn she had finally won a life-changing prize. The player stated that despite the pressure and opposition from her family, she went ahead and studied music. She has been working really hard to find a break in her life but she was always out of budget.

The player stated that she had spent so much time in this field and she was looking for an opportunity to launch her music. Now that she has the money, she will be able to get her album together and hope she is able to gather a fan following.

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