Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot Gets Orange Man $200,000


The Lott is here with a huge announcement around a man from Orange who has won a $200,000 prize for playing the Lucky Lotteries game. The lottery officials have confirmed that the man from Orange had gone for the Lucky Lotteries game and things turned out to be going in his way.

The lottery team has revealed that the player had participated in the Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot draw that was held on Monday, March 8, 2021. The team has revealed that it was draw number 1522 that helped him win the $200,000 prize money.

The lucky winner from New South Wales (NSW) got lucky when he came to know he had won the 1st division prize from the Lucky Lotteries game.

The winner had reportedly purchased the $200,000 prize-winning Lucky Lotteries ticket from Orange Central Newsagency. The particular news agency can be located at Shop 23, 277 Summer Street, Orange. The store has also received a bonus commission for selling the lucky $200,000 prize-winning Lucky Lotteries ticket.

The main question here is why the details of the particular lottery game from March are being shared now. The details would have been shared back in March if the player would have registered his win.

According to the lottery officials, the player had not registered his win through the Lott website. This resulted in the officials not being able to get a hold of the winner and give him the news.

It was not until a few days back when the winner finally registered his win and provide his contact information. When the player was contacted by the lottery team and informed of the win, he could not believe he had actually won $200,000.

He was shocked to learn about his win and shared his story about the $200,000 prizes. The player stated that he is not a regular for the Lott games. Instead, he hardly ever plays any lottery games, but this time, he decided to go for it and see how his luck turns out.

To buy the ticket, he went to his regular shop and purchased one ticket for the Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot. The player stated that as he brought it home, he ended up losing the ticket for some reason.

He searched everywhere but could not find his ticket at all, and had lost all hope. At that time, he had no idea about the win so he was not that much concerned about it.

Then came the Easter Holidays and as he carried out a cleaning of the house for the special day, he found the ticket from under the couch. Then, all he needed to do was check the ticket and he had won a $200,000 prize.

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