A Man from Lake City Cannot Believe Winning $1 Million from Florida Lottery


The Florida Lottery is here with an announcement for a player that has won a huge prize from a scratch-off game. The game that the player participated in is called “The Fastest Road to $1,000,000. It is a scratch-off game that has gained a lot of prominence in recent years and is one of the best games introduced by the FL Lottery.

The Florida Lottery officials have confirmed that the name of the player is Nicholas Tann, who is a 33-year-old man from Clermont. The lottery team has revealed that the player was completely taken when he learned he had won a million-dollar prize jackpot from the particular game.

Nicholas Tann’s simple decision of going for a scratch-off game instead of a draw game helped him win $1,000,000. The Florida Lottery officials have revealed that Tann had visited their headquarters in Tallahassee to claim the prize money.

There, the prize-giving team asked Tann if he would like to go for the annuity plan where he would receive a certain amount every year. Or, if he would like to take the entire prize money in a single go, without having to do it every month.

The officials confirmed that Tann decided to go for the lump sum and took home a whopping $790,000 figure, which is a lot of money for a person to start a new and luxurious life.

The player had purchased the lucky million dollars prize-winning ticket from Wawa Store. The particular Wawa store is found at 16126 Greater Groves Boulevard, Clermont.

The Florida Lottery team has confirmed that Tann has helped the Wawa store in earning a $2,000 bonus commission.

Nicholas Tann informed the lottery officials that he had purchased the ticket not knowing it would turn out like this. According to Tann, he was heading home from work when he decided to make a stop at the Wawa store that comes in his way.

He then stopped by to buy some stuff for home and as he was about to leave the shop, the cashier told him he had dropped his money. Apparently, he had dropped 30 dollars from his wallet so he thought to himself that he should buy a lottery ticket with it instead of keeping it in his wallet.

The player stated if the cashier wouldn’t have asked them then he would have lost his money forever. Therefore, he decided to go for the lottery game instead of saving it and took the risk.

After purchasing the scratch-off ticket and reaching his house, he decided to get back to his house and then proceed with scratching.

The player was completely shocked when he saw he had won a million-dollar. The winner stated that he is going to pay off his mortgages, and also get himself a new car.

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