$1.69 Million Prize Shared by 24 Melbournians Playing TattsLotto


The Lott is back with yet another huge announcement and this time, the top prize-winners are many in number. It is a common understanding that the majority of the top prize wins are claimed by just a single winner. Sometimes, there are a couple of players who end up winning a top prize and share it with each other.

Then there are once in a blue moon occasions when there is an entire group of players who end up winning and sharing the top prize. This time, the Lott is here to share the exact occasion and the details around the win claimed by many players.

The Lott officials are very excited sharing that this time, it is not just 2 or 3 players but 24 players that have shared the top prize. Fortunately, all 24 players had decided to go for the TattsLotto draw and were able to win $1.69 million prizes.

The officials have confirmed that surprisingly, all players are from Melbourne and they all went for TattsLotto draw number 4145. The particular draw #4145 was held by the Lott on Saturday, April 10, 2021.

Surprisingly, the group members of a syndicate have won the prize money. Playing together, the syndicate was able to win one of the four division one prizes, which consisted of $1,695,815.49 each.

On top of that, the syndicate also held several tickets that ended up winning them several prizes from division three, division four, and division six.

This ended up bringing the total prize money earned by the syndicate to a total of $1,717,841.89.

The lottery team has revealed that because of such a large amount, each member from the syndicate will now receive $71,579.75 from the particular winnings.

The syndicate members have confirmed that some of their members are yet to register their tickets (winnings) on the Lott registration portal.

If more registrations come in, then the prize money will increase overall as well as per player. The members of the syndicate were very excited about their win and are glad that they were able to win such a huge amount.

According to the syndicate representatives, they have been playing The Lott games for a really long time. Although they have managed to win, some prizes but they have never won a million-dollar prize.

The lottery officials have confirmed that the syndicate members had purchased their tickets from four different stores. The name of the first store is News and Interport, which is located at 67 Bourke Road, Clarinda.

The name of the second store is Springvale Lotto, which is located at 268-274 Springvale Road, Springvale. The third store is located at 619 Doncaster Road (Doncaster), and the fourth store is located at Corner Police Road and Jacksons Road, Mulgrave.

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