A Couple from Henry County wins $777,777 Lucky 7s Multiplier


The Virginia Lottery is here to make a huge announcement of a couple that has won huge prize money from playing the VA Lottery game. The officials have confirmed that the couple managed to win prize money of $777,777.

The game the couple went for was the Lucky 7s Multiplier game, which is a popular game powered by the Virginia Lottery. The Lucky 7s Multiplier game belongs to one of the scratch-off games that are powered by the Virginia Lottery.

The lottery officials have also confirmed that the lucky couple is from Henry County and it was Laura McDaniel, who got the best birthday gift of her entire life from her husband, Travis.

The couple informed the officials that they were heading home after having dinner when they thought of paying a visit to their regular store. That the moment that decided their fate and ensured that they would win huge prize money.

The officials have confirmed that the ticket that the couple from Henry County had purchased was game number 1997. The couple revealed the store they usually visit for grocery shopping is the Corner Market. The particular store is located at 12288 Martinsville Highway, Danville.

The rest of the story of the prize winner was shared by Laura and Travis. Travis informed the officials that it was Laura’s birthday so they decided to leave the kids at home with a babysitter and have some quality time together.

Travis stated that the first thing they did was that they went to a restaurant and had some really tasty food. Then they went out for a walk right next to the restaurant where Travis gave Laura a gold chain as a birthday present.

Laura stated that it was already one of her best birthdays as her husband had taken her out for dinner and then gifted her gold chain. For her, it was the amount of time and attention her husband had given her that meant the most to her.

Then, they decided to head back home and celebrate the rest of the night with their kids. While on their way back home, they decided to head to their regular Corner Market store to get stuff for home.

Laura stated that as they were there, her husband suddenly brought 3 scratch-card tickets for the Lucky 7s Multiplier. First, they decided they would scratch them at the store but then changed their mind, and wanted to do it when they got home.

Laura informed the officials as they got back home, they started scratching the tickets. The first two tickets did not turn out to be lucky but the last one did. They ended up winning the top prize from the lottery game that was for $777,777.

The couple has stated that despite the prize being such high, they have no intentions of showing off. They will simply go ahead with their lives as usual and keep the prize money in their savings.

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