A $150,000 Powerball Prize Won by Man from Genesee County


The Powerball Lottery is back again with a huge announcement for a lucky player from Genesee County. The officials have revealed that a small decision made by the Genesee County player has helped him win a huge amount.

The lottery officials have revealed that the player had a change of mind playing his regular lottery games. This is when the player decided to go for the Powerball Lottery game and things worked out in his favor.

The officials have confirmed that the name of the lucky player is Ken Belcher, who is a resident of Genesee County. The player had participated in the Powerball Lottery draw held on Saturday, February 27, 2021.

The lucky numbers that were drawn from the particular draw included numbers that were 52-44-31-28-02. Furthermore, the Powerball drew for the same draw as a bonus ball was 18.

The ticket that Belcher had purchased ended up matching four out of five lucky numbers as well as the Powerball number. This resulted in Belcher initially winning prize money of $50,000 and then he had another surprise waiting for him.

According to details, Belcher had also selected a 3X multiplier added to his ticket that tripled his win, and the final prize he won was $150,000.

The player had reportedly purchased his ticket online through MichiganLottery.com. Nowadays, due to the corona outbreak, the majority of the lottery players are shifting to online lottery purchases instead of visiting a lottery retailer physically.

The lottery officials had the opportunity to know the prize-winning story directly from Belcher when he showed up to claim his prize.

The officials revealed that as per Ken Belcher, he had never played or subscribed for Powerball Lottery in the past. However, he has been a regular player/subscriber of Club Keno, which is also a popular lottery game among people from Genesee.

He stated that despite spending so much time playing Club Keno, he had not been able to win a significant prize. Although he had no intentions of switching to a different game, when he saw Powerball, he decided to give it a try online.

That is when he went ahead and subscribed himself for Powerball lottery games for the first time. Turns out, a change, was all that he needed and he ended up winning prize money of $150,000.

The player stated that this is the first time he has been able to win a huge prize. He added that he does not consider it to be a life-changing amount but he is sure that the majority of the amount will be going into his savings account.

This way, he will have a wonderful time when he retires from his job. He also stated that he plans to use some of the money to invest and increase his money.

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