A Lucky Woman from Tampa Wins Life-Changing $1 Million


The Florida lottery team is here to share Tampa woman’s prize-winning story, which is very exciting. The lottery officials are proud to announce they have succeeded once again in bringing a huge change to a person’s life. For the Florida lottery, it is not just the person that matters, it is the entire circle that a person rejoices and cares for the most.

The Florida Lottery is well aware that if a player wins a huge prize, he/she tends to make a huge difference for the people around them. Such people always state that they are going to do something good for their families and friends.

According to the FL lottery, the name of the lucky Tampa player is now Wanda Brana who is a 55-year-old millionaire. Wanda Brana had reportedly participated in the $5,000,000 Luck game backed by the Florida lottery. The $5,000,000 Luck game is part of the scratch-off lottery family that is powered by the state lottery operator.

Just like the majority of the lottery players, Wanda Brana decided it would be the right choice to go for the one-time lump sum amount of $760,000. That is exactly what she did and now she gets the chance to support her family as well as others around her.

According to the FL lottery officials, Brana purchased her ticket from Rome Food Mart. The particular mart is located at 1615 West Sligh Avenue, Tampa and it is to receive a $2,000 bonus commission.

Wanda Brana stated that the first thing in her mind is that she is going to buy a house because she has been living on rent her entire life.

With this, the Florida lottery has started a movement that is never-ending. The more players participate in Florida lottery games, the more they are able to giveaway and make a difference in society.

The Florida lottery’s initial goal was to boost the education system in the state of Florida. So far, the Florida lottery has proven true to its claim as it has been successfully generating at least a billion. The Florida lottery has been achieving more than its billion-dollar target annually for the education system in the state.

Now, the Florida lottery has even expanded its circle of charitable causes and it is no longer limited to students and talents in the state. The Florida Lottery is also supporting other Charitable causes and then there are individuals who also reveal the charity they support as they win the prizes.

This way, the Florida lottery is communicating to almost every charitable sector in the state and making the country a better place to live in. The Florida lottery itself is a huge inspiration for lottery operators within the United States and all over the world.

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