Two Lucky Tickets Win More Than $3.6 Million Playing Pennsylvania Lottery


If you were waiting to hear from the Pennsylvania lottery then the wait is over. If you were hoping to hear news of remarkable news, then the wait is over as well. Finally, if you were hoping to hear about a single lottery win, then you are in for a surprise, as this time, the PA lottery has two announcements.

As always, the Pennsylvania lottery is here to win the show with the announcements of two major wins. The best thing about the announcements is that the winners would have their bank accounts flowing with huge amounts of cash. However, there is one drawback, which is that the winners of the games are yet to show up.

The lottery team is excited to let you know that playing the PA lottery, one player has become a multi-millionaire and the other one has become half a millionaire. Still, it is great news for both if it reaches out to both of them as they have won it big paying an extremely small amount compared to the winning amount.

At first, the PA lottery brings you the story of a Cash 5 with a Quick Cash lottery ticket that has won a huge amount. According to the officials, the particular lottery ticket was for the draw held back on Tuesday, June 8, 2021.

The numbers that the officials drew for the particular draw were 29-27-11-5-3. The ticket was fortunate enough to have met all five lucky numbers winning top prize money of $611,617.50. The prize money is tremendous given that the player only had to spend $2 to purchase the ticket for the game.

Cash 5 with Quick Cash is a lottery draw game, which means that the players must wait for the draw to take place for the particular ticket. That is when the winning numbers are drawn and the players are validated.

While the players winning smaller amounts can collect money from any of the lottery retailers, the jackpot must be claimed from the lottery head office. To do this, the winners need to call the helpline provided on the tickets and set up an appointment.

The particular ticket was purchased by the winner from Burnside Handi Mart. The particular store is located at 7469 Main Street, Burnside and it is set to receive $5,000 as a reward for selling the top prize-winning ticket.

The other ticket is for Monopoly 100X, which is a scratcher powered by the Pennsylvania lottery. The winner had reportedly purchased the scratcher from Giant Eagle. The particular site that sold the Monopoly 100X is located at 117 South Walnut Street, Ligonier. The store is also set to receive $10,000 for selling the scratcher that won a $3,000,000 prize.

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