Mussa Warren from Woodbridge wins $380,000 Jackpot Playing Virginia Lottery


The Virginia Lottery is proud to bring the story of Mussa Warren to the front of the board. Mussa Warren is one of the latest players of the Cash 5 with EZ Match game that has recently turned rich. Cash 5 with EZ Match is a popular addition made by the Virginia lottery to the list of its lottery draw games.

It has managed to catch the attention of several lottery players ever since it launched in the market. When it first launched, the majority of the lottery players used to go for scratch card games powered by the Virginia lottery.

When the game was initially launched, it was called Cash 5 game. However, the name of the game has been changed following confusion surrounding the criteria of the game. Therefore, the game is now called Cash 5 with EZ Match.

Ever since Cash 5 with EZ Match made it to the lottery platform, it has gained tremendous adoption. Millions of players from Virginia now participate in the Cash 5 with EZ Match game. The game offers players of the Cash 5 with EZ Match game to win at least $100,000 in the form of a jackpot prize.

However, this time, Mussa Warren has won a whopping $380,000 jackpot prize playing the Cash 5 with EZ Match game. The lottery team has confirmed that Mussa Warren is a resident from Woodridge who had purchased his lucky ticket for the May 14 draw.

The lucky numbers that the lottery team drew on May 14 were 29-24-22-21-2. The player successfully matched all five numbers to win the jackpot prize money of $380,000.

Mussa Warren had purchased his $380,000 prize-winning ticket from Giant Food Store. The lucky store is located at 4309 Dale Boulevard, Dale City.

According to Warren, he learned about his lucky win in the middle of the night. When he found out he had matched all five lucky numbers to win the $380,000 prize, he was not able to control his excitement.

He kept shouting with excitement even when his entire family gathered in the same room. Even the neighbors showed up at his house to check if everything was okay. The neighbors thought that someone had broken into their house and was terrorizing the family.

As they found out about Warren’s winning, they congratulated him and the entire family before taking off. The player stated that it is a huge win that he has managed to win and would remember for the rest of his life.

He stated that he is not going to go overboard with the money he has just won. He will be using the money to help his children with their studies and try to minimize their future loans as much as possible. Half of the money would be going towards his retirement funds.

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