$5 Million Lottery Won in Texas Lotto Pick 6 Remain Unclaimed


Texas Lottery has an unclaimed $5 million Lotto Texas lottery prize waiting to be claimed by its rightful owner. The winning ticket for the Lotto Texas was purchased in Longview from EZ Bee49, 514S Eastman Road.

The Lotto Texas ticket managed to match the six winning numbers that were drawn for this particular game of Lotto. This was published by the Texas Lottery Commission in a news release.

At the time of the purchase of the ticket itself the player had to choose the cash value option, therefore they shall get $3,755,592.41. This amount is exclusive of taxes and shall reduce once all state taxes have been deducted.

Texas Lottery keeps reminding its players that they can claim their prizes up to 180 days from the drawing date. While the Lotto Texas winner still has ample time to claim the prize they must without wasting further time they step forward.

Christina Cooper who works at the store where the winning ticket was sold was contacted for a statement. She has been working at what she calls the Corner Market for around six months now. According to her, the Lotto is a very popular game amongst lottery players. She revealed that their store sold 150 lotto tickets a day which alone accounted for a revenue generation of $4,000 per day.

She further revealed that it was usual for players to win on a scratch-off ticket that was purchased from the store. However, she was unaware of former winners of bi-weekly number draws.

According to her the players had checked online about the winning numbers and found out about the store that sold it. It was the customers that informed the store about it selling the winning ticket.

Players who have won larger prizes are supposed to visit the Texas Lottery Claim Center that is located in Tyler.

Gary Grief who is the executive director of the Texas Lottery commented on how Lotto Texas has been on a winning streak. The last two draws of the lottery have seen consecutive wins. The lottery officials encourage winners to sign the back of their winning tickets in order to keep them safe. An appointment needs to be scheduled with the Texas Lottery in order to claim the amount. The Texas Lottery is eagerly waiting to meet its newest millionaire and hand over their jackpot amount to them.

To play the Lotto Texas players select six numbers from a range of 1 to 54 in return for jackpot prizes. The game is held bi-weekly, Wednesdays and Saturdays, days similar to those of the Powerball as opposed to Mega Millions’ Tuesdays and Fridays.

To win an extra amount on non-jackpot prizes players can opt for the Extra! add-on feature. With this feature, players can win up to $10,000 which makes for a very good deal and safe bet.

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