A Man from Smyrna Wins $10,000 Playing Delaware Lottery


Delaware is back with exciting news of a lottery win and this time, it is a man from Smyrna. The lottery officials stated that they wanted to share more details of the winner but he requested to keep his identity anonymous.

The officials have been allowed to share the information that the lucky Smyrna man is 52-years-old and is a project manager at his company. The player and his tenure playing the lottery games serve as a motivation for others who lose hope after a few weeks of playing and not winning anything.

The officials have revealed that this is not the first time the player has won a prize but it is indeed the first time the player has won a decent one. The officials have revealed that the player has been playing lottery games for over a decade with hopes of winning something big.

The player stated to the Delaware lottery that finally, he is hopeful that he is close to winning the jackpot someday. The Smyrna man had gone for Dreamin’ XXL, which is a famous instant game that is powered by the Delaware lottery.

The store he had purchased the ticket from is Duck Creek Shell. The particular fuel station is located at Dupont Highway, Smyrna. The tickets he purchased belong to the scratch-off card family so he likes to keep himself entertained by purchasing a couple of tickets at a time.

The man revealed that Duck Creek Shell is his regular choice for visiting and purchasing tickets for lottery games. He stated that he has been purchasing lottery tickets for more than ten years and he has always preferred going for the scratchers.

The player stated that as part of his usual practice, he went ahead and purchased two lottery tickets for Dreamin’ XXL. He stated that he scratches one ticket on the same day he purchases them and leaves the other one for later.

He stated that he likes to keep himself entertained, which is why he scratches the second ticket towards the end of the week. This time, the second ticket he purchased turned out to be a lucky win for him as he ended up winning a $10,000 prize from it.

The man stated that he is extremely excited about the win as he thinks that his 10 years’ investments have finally paid off. When he found out about the win, the first thing he did was to let his wife know about the win.

He asked her to plan a trip where they would be spending more than half of the prize money. The player stated that he is going to spend some of the money to pay off his bills.

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