A man from Aspendale Gardens Wins AU$25,000 from “The Lott”


The Lott is one of the oldest lotteries in entire Australia and it is back with a huge announcement of a big win claimed by a lucky man. Lott has revealed that the player is a resident from Aspendale Gardens who has win prize money of AU$25,000. The player managed to bag the prize by playing one of the most popular and widely played lottery games back by The Lott.

The Lott has revealed that the player had opted for the Grow Me the Money Instant Scratch-Its game supported by the operator. Any player from Australia can participate in the “Grow Me the Money Instant Scratch-Its” game by paying only AU$2.

The lottery operator has revealed that the lucky ticket was bought from the Aspendale Gardens News and Lotto. The News & Lotto store is located at Shop # 17, Corner Narelle Driver, Aspendale Garden Centre, and Kearney Road in Aspendale.

The Lott had the opportunity to get to know the story of the huge prize winner when he visited The Lotts’ head office to claim the prize.

The player informed that he was extremely excited to learn about the win. At first, he could not believe that he had actually won a huge prize from the lottery game.

When he checks the ticket, he could not believe that he had actually scored a win. He checked his ticket several times but still, he could not believe his eyes. He was in complete disbelief over his win. He stated that he decided to visit the newsagent that he visits regularly to purchase his tickets for other lottery games.

The player also added that he had never played the scratch-off ticket game before but he decided to go for it because of its potential and popularity. The player stated that when he visited the store, he was still doubted whether he had won anything or not.

However, when the store operator informed him they could not pay him the amount, he was sure he had won something big. But he was still determined that he was not going to believe in the news until he could see the money in his account.

That is when he saw the money in his account and was completely taken by surprise. He was extremely excited at the win and told his wife about it who also did not believe him at first. Later, she also believed in the news and was extremely thrilled at the win.

The player informed the lottery officials that he has big plans with the prize money he has won. According to the player, he will be taking his wife out for a dinner and giving her a ring as a present for being with him through all the hardships.

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