Two Lucky Winners Claim $500,000 Each from “The Diamond Mine 9X Scratch-Off Game”


The Florida Lottery is back with not one but two big announcements of the recent wins claimed by the lucky lottery players. The Florida Lottery is honored and glad to see that its sales and player base has been increasing with every passing day.

The Florida Lottery has revealed that ever since the beginning of the year 2020, many new players have emerged and have started playing lottery games powered by FL Lottery on a regular basis.

There was a time when the FL Lottery used to have thousands of players per game but now it has millions in number. The lottery officials have confirmed that this number keeps on increasing with every passing day and so are the lottery prizes.

In the past, it would hardly be one player lucky enough to win a huge prize but now, there are more than won winning the same prize.

This time, the FL Lottery operators are sharing the lucky wins of two different players from different cities in Florida. Both players had participated in the same lottery game powered by the Florida Lottery. The name of the lottery is “The Diamond Mine 9X Scratch-Off Game”, which is a major scratch-off game.

The game is known for providing chances and opportunities to players in winning huge prizes and change their lives forever.

The lottery officials have confirmed that by winning the particular game, both players have managed to win $500,000 each. The name of the first winner is Ariel Gomez who is a 29-year-old resident in Lake City. The name of the second winner is Robert Chencinski who is a 50-year-old resident from Lakeland.

The first player secured her prize-winning scratch-off ticketfrom Gainesville dropbox while the second player secured his prize-winning ticket at Tampa District Office dropbox.

The lottery officials have confirmed that Gomez had purchased her ticket at Step-In Mart that is situated at 4039 U.S. Highway 90 West, Lake City.

While the other player Chencinski had purchased the ticket from the 7-Eleven store that is located at 4975 South Florida Avenue, Lakeland.

The Diamond Mine 9X Scratch-Off game is the latest addition made by the Florida Lottery to its scratch-off lottery games catalog. The lottery officials have confirmed that the particular game was launched back in December of 2020 and each ticket for the game costs $5.

So far the game has paid out a total of 48 million dollars in cash prizes ever since the launch and the numbers are constantly growing. The odds of playing the Diamond Mine 9X and winning a prize money from the ticket are 1-in-4.00.

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