A Man from Burnie Couldn’t Believe His $1.15 Million Win from TattsLotto


The Lott is back again with a huge announcement and this time, the player it’s introducing is a lucky man from Burnie. The officials have revealed that the lucky player managed to win prize money of $1.15 million. The player from Burnie had decided to go for one of the most liked and popular games powered by The Lott, which is TattsLotto.

When choosing the TattsLotto ticket, the player had gone for the draw that was to be held on Saturday, March 6, 2021. The Lott has announced that the draw that the player from Burnie had participated in was numbered 4135.

For the particular draw, it was announced that each player managing to win the division one prize would be able to take home $1,156,990.80.

Therefore, the decision made by the player to go for the TattsLotto draw held on March 6, 2021, secured him a division one prize.

The Lott also had the opportunity to interview the million-dollar prize-winning player from Burnie. The player stated that he was never very fond of playing lottery games but this time, it felt different. When he entered the store and saw the advertisement for the TattsLotto game, it just came to his mind that he should buy a ticket for himself.

The player stated that he had hoped that he would end up winning prize money of some thousands. But to his utmost surprise, the prize money was way more than what he had expected.

The player stated that he watched the draw live as it was being aired through the television. The player stated that as the lottery operators started reading out the numbers, his excitement started growing. By the time all numbers were announced, his entire body was shaking as he could not believe what he had just seen.

To the player’s surprise, he had managed to match all six lucky numbers and had bagged a $1.15 million prize under his name. The player stated that the first thing he did was that he contacted his family and informed them about the win.

His entire family was filled with joy and they also couldn’t believe the news in the first place. They congratulated the player for his win and are extremely excited for him and his future life.

The player stated that even when he purchased the ticket and hoped he would win a prize, he thought of helping his family. That is exactly what he is planning to do with the money that he has won through the lottery game and wants to help his entire family out.

The player from Burnie had purchased his $1.15 million tickets from Upper Burnie Newsagency & Post Office. The particular store that sold the $1.15 million prize-winning ticket is located at 201 Mount Street, Burnie.

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