A Woman from Jacksonville Claims $500,000 from Pay Me! Scratch-Off Game


The Florida Lottery is back again with a new announcement where a lucky Jacksonville lady has found fortune claiming the $500,000 prize. The lottery team has revealed that the name of the lucky woman from Jacksonville is Linda Dargel. Dargel is now among the list of the luckiest people who are now half millionaires.

The lottery team has revealed that the player had gone for one of the latest scratch-off games powered by the Florida Lottery. The name of the recently launched scratch-off game is “Pay Me! Scratch-Off Game”. The lottery officials are very excited for Dargel that she tried the new game for the first time and ended up bagging a huge prize.

The Florida Lottery officials have revealed that Linda Dargel had secured her $500,000 scratch-off at the Jacksonville District Office dropbox, which is one of Florida Lottery’s offices.

The lottery team has confirmed that the player had purchased her “Pay Me! Scratch-Off” game ticket from Circle K. The lucky store that sold the $500,000 prize winning ticket is located at 13697 Beach Boulevard (Jacksonville).

The lottery officials also had the opportunity to know the story of Linda Dargel and share it with the entire Florida Lottery community. Dargel informed the officials that she has been playing games through the Florida Lottery for a very long time.

She has been doing it for ages and she hardly ever won a few hundred bucks by playing several games through the Florida Lottery.

Dargel stated that she likes to play game as a mix as one week, she purchases a lottery draw ticket and the next week, she goes for the instant scratch-card ticket.

This way she gets to try different games and keep trying her luck as well as keeping herself entertained. The player stated that this week, she was supposed to purchase a ticket for the lottery draw game. However, as she walked into her regular store to purchase the lottery draw ticket, she saw the ticket panel for “Pay Me! Scratch-Off” game.

As soon as she saw it, she couldn’t get her eyes off of it and ended up purchasing the ticket for the game alongside her regular lottery draw game. The player stated that although she didn’t win any prize from the regular lottery draw ticket, she was able to bag a $500,000.

When she scratched the ticket in the first instance, she couldn’t quite understand what was happening. The player stated that initially she thought she had won only $50,000 through the scratch-off game. However, as she visited the store for the claim, the store told her about another zero she had missed telling her she had won half a million.

The “Pay Me! Scratch-Off” is one of the latest lottery games introduced by Florida Lottery in February of 2021. Each scratch-off ticket for the particular game costs players $5 and the chances for the players for winning a prize are 1 in 3.98.

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